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Oracle BPM Composer 12c New "Document-Only" Feature
by Dan Atwood 4/23/15
Oracle BPM 12c Business Process Composer has many new features, but one that is commonly overlooked is its "Document-Only" feature. This makes it easy to create processes that are not validated or deployed when the other processes in the project are deployed.  This is useful when modeling the way things are currently working, and is commonly known as modeling the As-Is process.  An As-Is process's purpose is to reach a common understanding of how things are working today and to determine through a consensus how the process should be improved.
3 Tips to Implement Pragmatic SOA Governance
by Kris Nelson 4/22/15
Argh …. SOA Governance Does this picture sum up how people feel about governance in your organization?    
Join us on our favorite working holiday at COLLABORATE 15 in Las Vegas
by Brandon Dean 4/10/15
Whoever said work can’t be fun never made it to the annual Independent Oracle Users conference. If you’re going this month, make sure to stop by and attend a sessions from our very own Kristopher Nelson, Midwest General Manager. Kris will discuss how organizations can use BPM and SOA to integrate, cultivate and distinguish key financial processes—as well as improve independent and unique processes within a financial system or ERP. He’ll illustrate how businesses have been able to improve financial processes with Oracle SOA Suite, Fusion Middleware and Oracle E-Business Suite.
How to Ensure Your Business Processes Support the Customer Experience
by Brandon Dean 4/7/15
Many businesses have grown a little too comfortable with the status quo. The days of vendor lock-in via large and cumbersome ERP implementations are becoming a thing of the past while new and disruptive technologies continue to support upstart competitors at increasingly rapid paces. The shift to a more modular approach to technology and the consumerization of the IT function are creating a need to manage the various modules. 
An Easy Way to Create a Single-Page ADF Application
by Jeremy Hull 4/2/15
Single-page apps are one of those things that is in-vogue, but has been technically-possible for a while now. I have created single-page web apps with ADF, Sharepoint, and using standard web technologies. One thing to keep in mind, and one that has caused me some pain, is what you will do if and when the business asks for another page to be added outside of the single-page design. Hopefully, I am guessing you don't have to use Sharepoint as it's not all that hard to accomodate additions like this in ADF. With ADF, it is easy to develop a single page application and you are not bound to a contract that keeps you from creating additional content on separate pages.  Here's the basic components of my method:


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