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Oracle Service Bus 12c – Exposing a Pipeline as a REST Service
by Jennie DeRosa 11/21/14
Within Oracle Service Bus 12c, there are several ways to implement a pipeline as a REST service. One approach is to REST enable an existing SOAP service. In this scenario, a pipeline is supported by both SOAP and REST based interactions. A video that provides a good overview of the required steps to implement this can be found here. Another way is to derive it from a pipeline WSDL (REST bindings in OSB 12c are based on a WSDL document). The steps below detail the configurations required to accomplish this.
XSLT and DVMs - Design Time Execution in Oracle Service Bus 12c
by Jennie DeRosa 11/13/14
Within Oracle Service Bus 11g, there is not an easy way to reference Domain Value Maps (DVM), like there is in Oracle SOA Suite 11g Composites. Typically, a kluge solution is implemented as a workaround in a Service Bus 11g project. With Oracle Service Bus 12c, this has changed, DVMs are now accessible in XQuery and XSL maps. While this is good news, the even better news is that XSL maps which contain references to DVMs can now be successfully executed at design time, allowing for testing within JDeveloper. Testing of XSL maps at design time is always a good practice, it allows for catching bugs early in the development process.
Oracle API Gateway vs. Oracle SOA Suite - A Technical Comparison
by Jennie DeRosa 11/10/14
When implementing a complete SOA security solution, which includes Oracle API Gateway and Oracle SOA Suite, the best practice is to deploy the API Gateway into the DMZ as the first line of defense. Behind the inner firewall of the DMZ is where the Oracle SOA Suite typically resides, providing the last-mile of security. This secure layered approach allows only validated traffic to enter into a company’s inner network (for further details, see Oracle API Gateway Data Sheet). 
Creating Custom BPM Work List for Human Tasks based in ADF
by Mark Peterson 11/7/14
If you ever need a custom work list and need to open the human task from this list, then this blog can help you. All you really need to do is find the list of tasks and create the URL that opens the task from the custom work list. This is not as straightforward as it seems since the URL contains some dynamic fields that you will need to derive from information about the tasks.
Swapping SOA for APIs: No Need to Run for Your Life
by Kris Nelson 11/7/14
In the past few years, the continued popularity and focus on web APIs and technologies like REST have brought the discussion of services more into the mainstream.  Access via mobile and cloud technologies means the business is more than ever interested in connecting with customers and monetizing their data via new channels and partners. Exposing services externally is a key puzzle piece.  Many firms have already invested heavily in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and are struggling to take advantage of the changing landscape.


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