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4 Reasons You Should Look at Process Management in the Cloud
by Kris Nelson 6/18/15
Process management in the cloud offers several compelling advantages for both the business and IT teams. I see the pressure to move faster, innovate faster and deliver value immediately to our customers all around us.  Process management in the cloud offers some great ways to enable that agility in your organization. In addition to the reasons you should be looking at this, I will offer a few common use cases we are seeing as Oracle’s Process Cloud Service (PCS) begins to roll out. Reason 1:  Business-Focused
Create a SOA Application in JDeveloper 12c Using Maven SOA Plug-In
by Daniel Rodriguez 6/15/15
Maven is a commonly used build system for java projects. It provide benefits ranging from standardizing project layouts, to automated dependency fetching, to automated builds and Maven.  Oracle provides a pretty comprehensive document outlining how to build and create Oracle SOA and BPM projects using Maven. See this article that documents some simple steps to get up and running using Maven. However, when running my first Maven project I encountered some unexpected errors. Maven could not find any SOA archetypes and was also unable to load every dependency.
Every ADF Project Setup Should Include...
by Kevin King 6/10/15
I've been developing ADF projects at client sites for over 4 years now (wow, that went fast!). The purpose of this blog is to point out the first things I do on every project to make it run smoothly.  Two of these are JDeveloper configurations, but I sometimes miss them after I've installed a new version of JDeveloper or have a new laptop to work with.  The other are project level setups to customize projects specifically.  These recommendations are based on the 12c version of ADF, however these are applicable to 11g (although the instructions may vary).
Oracle BPM 12c SKIP / BACK Exception Handling Lessons Learned
by Dan Atwood 6/8/15
The new Oracle BPM 12c SKIP / BACK feature has some interesting facets that are not commonly known.  This describes what it can be used for as well as three cautions to be aware of when using it.  Use Cases for SKIP / BACK The new Oracle BPM 12c SKIP / BACK feature greatly assists exception handling in a processes. Although Oracle BPM 11g was able to catch exceptions in processes, once caught in an error event subprocess the only option was then to exit the process.  Oracle BPM 12c’s SKIP / BACK gives us some essential functionality we have needed in the product. It not only catches exceptions thrown in a process in an Error event subprocess, but now you are able to:
An Introduction to Oracle's Integration Cloud Service (ICS)
by Jennie DeRosa 6/3/15
Overview Last month, Oracle made available their latest tool within their integration cloud strategy, Integration Cloud Service (ICS).  With the number of SaaS applications growing, the need to integrate is becoming more important, making ICS even more relevant. The intended usage of ICS are implementations of simple, light weight integrations between SaaS applications.  It resides within the cloud, is built off the Oracle Service Bus, and is available on a monthly subscription basis. 


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