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Protecting Sensitive Data in Oracle SOA Suite 12c
by Jennie DeRosa 12/17/14
Given the recent security breaches, data security should always be a concern when designing and creating IT solutions. In particular, what are some considerations that should be made when implementing a solution within the Oracle SOA Suite? Is it sufficient to protect the data using WS-Security/SSL or is additional security needed? If you have sensitive data traversing through the SOA Suite then additional security must be considered.
Automated UI Testing Oracle Mobile Applications
by Jeremy Hull 12/11/14
We all know we should be testing more than we do, but it is one of those things that is frequently resisted, delayed, done incorrectly or simply forgotten.  Creating and maintaining test cases can seem daunting when you are first getting started. Since our job is to support business users, let's look at the value of testing from a business perspective.  Bring your own device (BYOD) is the now the norm.  This can translate into a testing mine field, laden with different operating systems, frequent updates, a variety of screen geometries and device features.
Oracle BPM 12c Migration - A Deep Dive into a Simple 10g Process Migration
by Aaron Dolan 12/9/14
Since Oracle BPM 12c was released this summer, many of our legacy BPM 10g customers have begun to ask what to expect from the migration path.  As my colleague Suyash Khot discussed in his article Oracle BPM 12c Migration - A Hand of Friendship to Oracle BPM 10g, Oracle has luckily given us a migration utility to kick-start the process of moving code from Oracle BPM 10g to Oracle BPM 12c.  While this utility is incredibly valuable and indeed very easy to use, it is well worth discussing the ad
Modular BPM Process Design Best Practice
by Carlo Arteaga 12/8/14
Modular BPM process design stems from the widely used industry practice of Modular Software Design.  Modular BPM process design focuses on building processes that achieve specific goals and objectives, while standing on their own, and being completely accessible for use by any software that needs to access the BPM process. BPM process modeling is easy to perform but properly modeling to avoid pitfalls, maximize efficiency, and anticipate potential future changes is something that is hard to do.  Designing and developing BPM process models and SOA/BPM composites in a proper modular fashion is the way to go. Goals of Modular BPM Process Design The goals are simple:
Effective Management of Systems of Innovation
by Brandon Dean 12/3/14
This layer is where the fun happens. As we discussed in our recent newsletter article, Pace-Layered Application Strategy: A Look at Systems of Innovation, this layer can help your business thrive in years to come. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid management plan in place. Here are a few tips:


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