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Error Resilient Adapters - SOA 12.2.1 Resiliency Feature
by Kevin King 11/10/15
New to SOA 12.2.1 is the concept of Resiliency.  Oracle has introduced functionality that shuts down adapters when their composite failure meets a certain threshold. In effect, an error circuit breaker!  This is extremely helpful to prevent filling up the error hospital with an abundance of errors.  When suspended, the failed composite will retry the composite at a defined interval in an attempt to un-suspend the service adapter.  The idea is to suspend any inbound adapters so that messages can be queued whenever an error is present and then processed later when the service is fixed.  Currently, resiliency currently only works for a small subset of adapters.  These adapters include EDN, File, FTP, AQ, and JMS.  
Top 10 AVIO Recommended OpenWorld 2015 Sessions
by Brandon Dean 10/13/15
All of us at AVIO are excited about this year's Oracle OpenWorld conference and we've spent some time looking through the vast array of sessions to identify the sessions we think are the most interesting. We now present our top 10 Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Cloud sessions to attend:  
How Are You Handling Digital Disruption?
by Brandon Dean 10/7/15
Now more than ever, organizations are having to transition to new ways of working as a result of the on going digital transformation. The rise in demand for mobile applications, cloud based services, ability for citizen developers to create new applications, and access to real time data that is meaningful and actionable is driving a tremendous need for organizations to be nimble and responsive. The key underlying component of this disruption is the ability to easily and quickly assemble data, services, and events from disparate systems into something meaningful and beneficial.
Building the Justification for your Digital Transformation
by Kris Nelson 10/5/15
Building a strong business case for any technology project can be a challenging activity.  It can be so obvious to you and your team that a compelling change must happen or new system is needed, but others must be convinced and brought on board.  Competing priorities, challenging financials and educating internal stakeholders are just some of the hurdles. 
Poor Infrastructure = Risky Project
by Kris Nelson 9/25/15
As the story goes, woe to the person who builds their home on the sandy ground.  Much better to build it on the solid foundation of rock. Poor Infrastructure = Risky


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