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Composite Sensors in Oracle SOA Suite 12c
by Jennie DeRosa 8/26/15
Overview Implementing composite sensors within a SOA solution provides the ability to define trackable fields on messages and enables you to find a specific composite instance by searching for a field or fields within a message. For example, a sensor could be defined for an invoice number within a message, thus allowing us to search and find the instance where the invoice number in question is found. While this functionality is not new within Oracle SOA Suite 12c, there are some improved capabilities that have been included in this release, which will be covered in this article. Composite Sensors Review Composite sensors can be defined within a SOA composite application in several components:
AVIO Consulting Joins Oracle Technology Network for Chat About BPM
by Brandon Dean 8/25/15
Recently our own Dan Atwood and Gary Buffington sat down for a chat about BPM’s challenges and changes. The duo joined Bob Rhubart and two other guests for a special four-part Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat Podcast. Dan is an Oracle ACE and AVIO Consulting’s director of training. Gary is AVIO Consulting’s executive vice president. The podcast features four parts honed in on particular aspects of BPM today.
Building SOA 12c Projects that Include Java Code with Maven
by Adam Desjardin 8/20/15
While testing the Maven build scripts I shared in my previous post, I found a few issues while building more complex composite projects.  Both of the issues I found were related to included Java code in the project. One of which has a work around while the other does not. The first issue was with using the Java Embedding activity in a BPEL process.  This results in a Java class being generated for the BPEL process, which then was failing to compile. The second issue was with custom Java classes in the SOA composite project which were then used in a Spring component.  These classes were not being compiled, causing an exception at run time when the spring bean was invoked.
Improving Your SOA 12c Maven Build
by Adam Desjardin 8/6/15
When looking at updating our Ant based build and deployment scripts for 12c I decided to try out the new Maven plugins to see if we could achieve an equal level of functionality.  Mark Nelson has a great series of posts at his blog Red Stack and others have also written about the new 12c Maven plugins, but there were still some things that I found missing compared to our existing Ant scripts.   Below are a few things you can do to improve a basic SOA 12c Maven build easily including:
Fault Notification Alerts - New Functionality in Oracle SOA 12c
by Jennie DeRosa 8/6/15
Overview One of the new features included in Oracle SOA Suite 12c is the ability to define notification rules that will automatically create alerts when something goes wrong. These fault alerts can be routed to communication channels such as email, SMS, and/or IM. Along with this, they can be made visible within the SOA dashboard in Enterprise Manager. The notification of the alerts are also scheduled based on a predefined time frame, allowing for notifications to time based. Within this blog, the pre-requisites and steps required to configure this new functionality are detailed.


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