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Testing MuleSoft APIKit with MUnit
by Jennie DeRosa 2/8/16
The MuleSoft APIKit facilitates REST API implementation from RAML definitions. This toolkit is a framework with the ability to create Mule flows, mapped from the implementation of an API defined within a RAML (see APIKit Tutorial). Implementation of an API in this manner follows best practices, ensuring API-first development.
Win Big with MuleSoft Champions
by Jennie DeRosa 1/6/16
As most developers know, using someone as a lifeline to provide answers to perplexing issues or questions really enables us to get our job done. Sometimes this information is gleaned from blog posts, sometimes in webinars, or sometimes by simply posting the question to a developer forum. Those who provide the answers and shed some insight into the details of the path they've already traversed are so appreciated. Especially so when we are up against a tight timeline and/or at our wits end to solve an issue. As a developer of MuleSoft solutions, leaning on these experts for help is no different. What is different, though, is that those who so generously take the time to blog or answer our questions can be rewarded.
BPM and BPMN: A Concise Explanation
by Mark Hearon 12/10/15
If you are reading this blog post, chances are you noticed the title and thought, “At last, a concise explanation of BPM and BPMN.  This is going to be great!”  It is not likely (however possible) that we may both be sorry by the end of our time together.  Consuming my reader’s digest explanation of BPM and BPMN may be as challenging as distilling the subject into short form!
Enable Digital Transformation with API-Led Connectivity
by Jennie DeRosa 12/9/15
Digital Transformation Digital transformation. It’s everywhere. It’s in our homes in our appliances and thermostats. It has changed where enterprise applications reside. It has also created the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’. Digital transformation is here because of the explosive growth of IoT, SaaS, and mobile devices to name a few. For many, though, the digital transformation story is not complete. This is due in part to company assets being locked away in core systems, perceived as difficult to integrate and/or difficult to change. Simply put, they are not agile. To enable the transformation, these assets or data need to be unlocked through APIs to allow consumption by customers, partners, and/or employees.
Error Resilient Adapters - SOA 12.2.1 Resiliency Feature
by Kevin King 11/10/15
New to SOA 12.2.1 is the concept of Resiliency.  Oracle has introduced functionality that shuts down adapters when their composite failure meets a certain threshold. In effect, an error circuit breaker!  This is extremely helpful to prevent filling up the error hospital with an abundance of errors.  When suspended, the failed composite will retry the composite at a defined interval in an attempt to un-suspend the service adapter.  The idea is to suspend any inbound adapters so that messages can be queued whenever an error is present and then processed later when the service is fixed.  Currently, resiliency currently only works for a small subset of adapters.  These adapters include EDN, File, FTP, AQ, and JMS.  


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