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Pace Layering for a Brighter Business Future
by Brandon Dean 9/2/14
As Stewart Brand wrote in How Buildings Learn, only buildings that are loved and maintained will last for centuries. Brand theorizied that a building is actually a collection of layers which change and adapt at various layers. While all buildings will change, the only ones that will improve are the ones that are cared for and continuously allow the various layers to change at different speeds (or paces). Similarly, while highly doubtful your business will disappear in the middle of the night, failure to adequately maintain or improve IT will only allow the business to crumble away with time.                 
New Types of Modeling in Oracle BPM 12c Process Composer
by Jessica Ray 8/27/14
Enterprise Maps, Value Chain Modeling and Strategy Models - These are all new modeling types that are introduced as part of the Oracle Process Composer in the 12.1.3 version of the Oracle BPM Suite.  Here is a quick, two minute tour of these new modeling types in Oracle Process Composer.  Video Types of Modeling These new types of modeling are a step in the right direction for business to model the high level models and map them to the lower level, executable business models.
Stop the Firefighting!
by Kris Nelson 8/21/14
IT and Business Leaders face many challenges with their business applications in 2014: Integration Challenges Acquired Systems and Processes Complex and Changing Regulations Siloed Growth Plans At the same time, the business demands more investment in growth and strategic initiatives — all with a constrained budget. Many organizations struggle just to maintain the complexity and brittle system integrations, resulting in a constant “firefighting" mode.
Don’t Let a Good Idea Get Away
by Brandon Dean 7/24/14
Once upon a time, no one really cared how if their house smelled like lavender after they cleaned it. Thanks to the scientists behind Febreze and an innovative marketing campaign, now our cars and garbage bags smell like lavender too. Innovation changes everything—down to the very way we live. A wealth of it brings companies to the top. A lack of it drags companies to the bottom. We’ve all experienced those moments when an idea springs to life that could change something for the better. What usually follows that moment though, is the realization that there are very real obstacles that stand in the way of turning that great idea into reality.
Navigating Oracle BAM 12c Composer's New "Home" Page
by Ryan Ray 7/21/14
With the latest release of Oracle BAM 12c (12.1.3), Oracle has completely redesigned the user interface (UI). This is the second post in a four part series of posts introducing this new UI.  The first post of this series was Introducing the New Oracle BAM 12c Composer.  In this post, I will give you a brief overview of the new "Home" page and hopefully provide you with some insight into the redesign and how to navigage within the new UI.


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