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BPM 12c - BPM Object Scripting Using Groovy
by Suyash Khot 1/29/15
Oracle BPM 12c has a new feature included that allows for BPM scripting using the Groovy language. This was missing in BPM 11g and is very similar to the feature that was available in BPM 10g that allowed for BPM scripting using its own scripting language - PBL (Process Business Language). There are two primary places you can use Groovy in 12c:
ESS Alerts: SOA Faults Are In The Hospital. Attention Please!
by Indu Bandi 1/28/15
Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) is a new component within Oracle SOA Suite 12c. It provides the ability to schedule SOA components or services, activate or deactivate polling adapters and to trigger fault alerts.
Five Tools for Debugging Oracle SOA Suite
by Adam Mead 1/22/15
Have you ever completed a software project and had nothing go wrong? Neither have I. Projects using Oracle’s SOA Suite are no different than Java projects and you will need to debug issues at some point. Here are five tools for debugging issues on Oracle SOA Suite: 1. Flow Trace and Audit Trail If you have an issue with a specific instance, or instances that follow a specific path, both the flow trace of the composite instance and audit trail of the component instances are extremely helpful. Flow traces and audit trails help you pinpoint a location to look in your code. You can look at the location of the error and step back through the flow trace and audit trail from that point to trace back to the cause of the issue.
BPM 11g - Using two dates to calculate and implement a SLA
by Suyash Khot 1/22/15
A very common use case for using an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is when there is a start date-time (not necessarily the current date-time) and an end date-time and you want to use the time difference between those two dates as your SLA in your BPM process. In the good old BPM 10g days you could do that easily. You could take the two dates and subtract one from the other and the result could be used as a SLA value. Unfortunately, the same cannot be done in BPM 11g as easily but we do have a solution.
Why your Initiator Task is not Visible in the Oracle BPM Workspace
by Dan Atwood 1/15/15
Everyone getting started with Oracle BPM struggles getting the link for a process's Initiator task to appear in the Workspace's Applications tab at one time or another. This short video goes over the six (ok - really seven) most common reasons that this occurs and how each is resolved.  


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