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Leveraging Agile and Scrum on SOA and BPM projects

Within our implementation framework at AVIO, we use an Agile methodology called Scrum.  We have found this to be a great fit for Oracle Fusion Middleware projects in the SOA, BPM and WebCenter space — especially when projects seek to improve or bring innovative new approaches to an organization.
If you are new to Agile and Scrum, check out this great video which covers some of the key concepts:

BPM 12c - BPM Object Scripting Using Groovy

Oracle BPM 12c has a new feature included that allows for BPM scripting using the Groovy language. This was missing in BPM 11g and is very similar to the feature that was available in BPM 10g that allowed for BPM scripting using its own scripting language - PBL (Process Business Language). There are two primary places you can use Groovy in 12c:

BPM 11g - Using two dates to calculate and implement a SLA

A very common use case for using an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is when there is a start date-time (not necessarily the current date-time) and an end date-time and you want to use the time difference between those two dates as your SLA in your BPM process. In the good old BPM 10g days you could do that easily. You could take the two dates and subtract one from the other and the result could be used as a SLA value. Unfortunately, the same cannot be done in BPM 11g as easily but we do have a solution.

Oracle BPM 12c Migration - A Deep Dive into a Simple 10g Process Migration

Since Oracle BPM 12c was released this summer, many of our legacy BPM 10g customers have begun to ask what to expect from the migration path.  As my colleague Suyash Khot discussed in his article Oracle BPM 12c Migration - A Hand of Friendship to Oracle BPM 10g, Oracle has luckily given us a migration utility to kick-start the process of moving code from Oracle BPM 10g to

Modular BPM Process Design Best Practice

Modular BPM process design stems from the widely used industry practice of Modular Software Design.  Modular BPM process design focuses on building processes that achieve specific goals and objectives, while standing on their own, and being completely accessible for use by any software that needs to access the BPM process.

Effective Management of Systems of Innovation

This layer is where the fun happens. As we discussed in our recent newsletter article, Pace-Layered Application Strategy: A Look at Systems of Innovation, this layer can help your business thrive in years to come. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid management plan in place. Here are a few tips:


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