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New Types of Modeling in Oracle BPM 12c Process Composer

Enterprise Maps, Value Chain Modeling and Strategy Models - These are all new modeling types that are introduced as part of the Oracle Process Composer in the 12.1.3 version of the Oracle BPM Suite. 

Here is a quick, two minute tour of these new modeling types in Oracle Process Composer. 


Don’t Let a Good Idea Get Away

Once upon a time, no one really cared how if their house smelled like lavender after they cleaned it.

Thanks to the scientists behind Febreze and an innovative marketing campaign, now our cars and garbage bags smell like lavender too. Innovation changes everything—down to the very way we live. A wealth of it brings companies to the top. A lack of it drags companies to the bottom.

Prevent Next Task in BPM Workspace From Automatica​lly Displaying (BPM

I am hearing from customers recently going through our Oracle BPM training that they are less than thrilled with the new feature that came in with where the end user will approve a work item and then the UI for next work item in the list is then automatically displayed.
It turns out that you only have to change the outcome values for three of the ADF form's task flow.  Only the task-flow-returns with the ids "previousTaskFlow", "nextTaskFlow" and "taskFlowCompleted" task-flow-return's shown below need to be set to "done". 

Oracle ACM 11g - Working with EDN

In my previous blog, we looked at the Oracle ACM Activity and its various properties in an Oracle ACM project. Having the ability to configure the ACM Activity’s properties to reflect the way you need it to work is great, but sometimes there are scenarios where you need more than just the Activity configuration to meet your needs. This is especially true in a SOA implementation where you will need to connect the dots between various SOA artifacts alongside ACM.

Oracle BPM 11g Process Screens Without ADF

Since the initial release of Oracle BPM 11g, user task screen development has been tied to ADF. Even though ADF is a full featured framework that enables building complex enterprise applications, there are few resources on the market with strong development skills in ADF. In addition, most Oracle BPM 10g developers have not worked with ADF. This presents a problem as enterprises who have adopted Oracle BPM 11g are now required to add ADF to their product stack and train their resources on a new technology.

Reviewing Oracle BPM's New REST API

Starting in Oracle BPM Bundle Patch 3 (Patch id 18072286), Oracle has released the very first version of its BPM REST APIs. A complete list of the available services can be obtained through its WADL file. It can be found via a call to http://yourserver:port/bpm/services/rest/application.wadl. In this example, I used SOAP UI to introspect the definition file and get the list of the operations.

A Model for Planning Your Oracle BPM 10g Migration

As the Oracle SOA Suite and BPM Suite 12c products enter beta, many of our clients are starting discussions on migrating from the Oracle 10g or prior platforms. With the BPM Suite 11g, Oracle introduced a major change in architecture with a strong focus on integration with SOA and an entirely new technology stack. In addition, there were fresh new UIs and a renewed business focus with an improved Process Composer and features like Adaptive Case Management. While very beneficial to both technology and the business, this does pose clear migration challenges for clients who have made investments in the 10g platform.


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