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Creating Custom BPM Work List for Human Tasks based in ADF

If you ever need a custom work list and need to open the human task from this list, then this blog can help you. All you really need to do is find the list of tasks and create the URL that opens the task from the custom work list. This is not as straightforward as it seems since the URL contains some dynamic fields that you will need to derive from information about the tasks.

System of Differentiation or Something Else?

Knowing which layer your applications fit in is one of the most critical first steps when developing a pace-layered application strategy. In our recent newsletter article, Pace-Layered Application Strategy: A Look at Systems of Differentiation, we defined the differentiation layer and how to effectively manage it. But how do you determine if what you have is actually a system of differentiation—or something else?

Business Architecture and Hierarchical Process Modeling

Oracle BPM Composer 12c introduces some new types of modeling that make Business Architechture and Hierarchical Process modeling easier. Starting from either the top-down or from the bottom-up, there are ways to model the different levels, zero through four, of processes. 

When to Use Oracle's New Web Forms for BPM

In the ongoing effort to make the adoption of Business Process Management a more business centric activity, Oracle has added new features that attempt to reduce the time-to-completion for new business process automation.  Oracle Web Forms is a tool that business analysts can use to develop user interfaces that are production ready in a short period of time.

Oracle BPM 12c Migration - A Hand of Friendship to Oracle BPM 10g

There are a lot of benefits to be reaped by migrating a BPM 10g project to 12c. For one, Oracle BPM 12c is built on a Service Component Architecture (SCA) runtime. SCA is an industry standard architecture that provides a model for composing applications that follow SOA principles, like component reuse, OOTB error handling and transaction management, and flexible development to name a few.

SOA Suite 12c and the OPSS Keystore Service

When working with a colleague on a sample SOA 12c project recently I noticed a change in 12c that I had not seen mentioned anywhere yet.  In the sample project we were integrating with the Atlassian OnDemand service in order to provision users for Confluence and JIRA.  The integration is performed using a SOAP service over SSL.  In this situation, like at many of our customers, we needed to import additional trusted certificates into the trust store in order to make the service call over SSL.

BPM Process Patterns using BPMN

Business analysts and developers new to BPM sometimes struggle with the art of discovering, modeling, understanding and explaining business processes. BPM Process patterns provide a time proven and simple technique to shorten the learning curve and improve productivity and quality of the processes designed. The patterns described here were created using Oracle BPM's BPMN process modeling tool.

New Types of Modeling in Oracle BPM 12c Process Composer

Enterprise Maps, Value Chain Modeling and Strategy Models - These are all new modeling types that are introduced as part of the Oracle Process Composer in the 12.1.3 version of the Oracle BPM Suite. 

Here is a quick, two minute tour of these new modeling types in Oracle Process Composer. 



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