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Wrestling with ADF on an Oracle BPM Project?

AVIO has just announced our new hands-on ADF with Oracle BPM Workshop for both ADF and Oracle BPM developers.

It does not matter if you are coming into this workshop as an ADF developer or as an Oracle BPM developer.  This workshop's purpose is to make it straightforward to connect the two technologies.  The skills acquired are immediately applicable and essential on every Oracle BPM project that uses ADF. 

Adaptive Case Management Modeling with CMMN

new version of Oracle BPM Suite with Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is now available, so what will that mean for requirements gathering? BPM project requirements can be documented using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0). For ACM, there is a new notation in the works. It is called Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN).

AVIO and Oracle Workshop: BPM for Government

When government agencies use BPM, they can significantly improve collaboration with citizens and other agencies, cut costs and increase revenue. Case in point—after implementing Oracle BPM Suite to streamline and modernize its Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS), San Joaquin County in California had a better relationship with residents and a better budget.

Oracle ACM 11g - A look into Title, Priority, and Category

In Oracle BPM 11g PS6, BPM Studio (JDeveloper) is the design-time environment for Oracle Adaptive Case Management (ACM). The first thing that you notice when you create your Case Management project in JDeveloper is the Case artifact itself. The top most tab in the Case artifact is the 'General' tab. The first three elements on this tab are Title, Priority, and Category. It was not obvious to me as to what values should be used in these three elements when I created my first ACM project.

New Solutions for a New Healthcare Landscape

Along with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) came a tidal wave of sweeping changes in the healthcare industry. Due to an extremely complex web of providers, patients, payers and more—the healthcare industry has fallen behind other industries when it comes to managing effective business processes.

BPM 11g and Human Workflow Shadow Rows

During the OFM Forum last week, there were a few discussions around the relationship between the Human Workflow (WF_TASK*) tables in the SOA_INFRA schema and BPMN processes.  It is important to know how these are related because it can have a performance impact.  We have seen this performance issue several times when BPMN processes are used to model high volume system integrations without knowing all of the implications of using BPMN in this pattern.

It is Not "BPM vs. BPEL"

I'm not trying to sway the BPM vs. BPEL argument one way or the other, but I'd simply like to say that it is not a "vs.".  Both have uses and both are synergistic with the other.  If you use Oracle BPM, you're able to use BPEL as well for what it's best at.  Your project might not need BPM, but here's my take on the BPM / BPEL fit and the overlaps as it applies to Oracle BPM and BPEL.

Flex Fields in Oracle BPM 11g

It is not your fault if you have struggled with Flex Fields in Oracle BPM.  I know I'm not the quickest bunny in the forest, and I was reminded of that fact this week when asked by a customer how to use Flex Fields in their Oracle BPM project.  Unless you use them on a very regular basis, it is very easy to completely forget how they are created and used.  In this post, I'll go over Flex Fields and how you can learn how they are used with Oracle BPM 11g.'s Brainstorm DFW

Just a quick note to let you know that AVIO is planning on participating in’s upcoming event in DFW.

I'm a fan of the BrainStorm events and I believe that this might be the first one in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.  BrainStorm DFW will feature their most popular Business Process Management and Business Architecture training courses as well as BPM certification and an evening mixer at the Hyatt Stockyards in Fort Worth over February 10-14.


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