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Getting Started with Oracle BPM Composer Web Forms and Process Player

In another of my blog post this month, I gave a high level description of Oracle Business Process Composer's Web Forms Designer and Process Player features that are new in Oracle BPM (PS6).  Here are a few things that have not been documented and lessons learned that you should be aware of before trying out th

Mobile Technology Needs BPM

Half of kids today don't know what a telephone cord looks like. Now, I don't know that for a fact, but the point is technology changes at the speed of light and we have to change with it to stay ahead. And it is the kids who have no idea what a wired telephone is that are leaving college and entering the business world. They are going to demand new ways of working and new ways of engaging customers and suppliers as a result of how technology has changed and how they have grown to rapidly adopt and use new technology.

BPM Process Composer - The great, the good, and the bad

On my last project, I got a chance to work with BPM 11g Process Composer. It didn't take long for the rich web based process modeling tool to impress me with its capabilities. Now, there are a lot of different tools out there to model your business processes, for example Microsoft Visio, so why should anybody use BPM 11g Process Composer? What makes Process Composer any different than the other options?

Even though at its core, BPM 11g Process Composer is a business process modeling tool, it does much more than just that.

The Case for Case Management

We’ve talked a lot lately about 2013’s top BPM trends, case management in particular. Of all the new and exciting things we could be talking about though, what makes case management within Oralce BPM so important? Simply put, if BPM is a car, case management will be its future driver. Oracle has begun to focus more attention and roll out additional functionality specific to case management with their BPM Suite.

Dynamic Find and Replace using ANT scripts

About a month ago, I wrote a shell script to do some automated file transactions. As part of the scripting process, the last step required me to have certain files ready in a specific folder on a server to be consumed by other downstream systems. These downstream systems needed some of the data in these files to be modified for them, to be able to consume them successfully. The number of files created and the amount of data in these files would vary per execution of the shell script, but the data that needed to be changed was known to me.

How to Make BPEL Gulp

I recently had a customer who needed to consolidate data from several legacy databases (Sybase, DB2, and Oracle 10g) and then copy the transformed result set to a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database. This was clearly an ETL use case so, being a good consultant, I suggested that they use a tool like Oracle Data Integrator. However, because they had a limited budget for new licenses and already had a license to Oracle SOA Suite 11g that they wanted to test out, they asked me to do this using BPEL.

Oracle SOA Database Adapter 101 - WebLogic Configuration Steps

Remember the commercial with the “Easy” button? When you press it miraculous things happen and all your wishes come true. This is what Oracle had in mind when it created the SOA Database Adapter. Perhaps I’m overstating this just a little, but the idea is to remove most of the pain from interacting with a database, allowing the user to focus on the important things – like retrieving, saving, updating and deleting information.

Oracle SOA Database Adapter Polling in a Cluster: Building a Polling Friendly Staging Table

When deciding to use the Oracle SOA Database Adapter the use of a good poller friendly staging table makes life a bit easier.  It is also good to know a few things about how the database adapter works.


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