January 9 2017

Sequoia partner Matt Miller has a Wall Street Journal article, Innovate or Die: The Rise of Microservices, that discusses how organizations willing to innovate will be the organizations that not only survive, but thrive in the digital economy. However, innovation isn't something that comes naturally, or easily, for many people or organizations. Innovation requires taking risks, delving into the unknown, and the capability to move quickly. Those are not characteristics that many organizations are comfortable with. 

As Matt mentions, microservices are a key component to the innovation landscape. As a framework to help organizations modularize their systems, reuse IT assets, and increase the speed of application delivery, microservices are quickly becoming a necessity for every organization. Companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and Amazon have already fully embraced microservices philosophies and are leveraging the operational benefits to stay far ahead of their competition.

However, microservices are not an end all be all solution that can quickly be adopted with results immediately seen. As Matt states, there is significant planning to be done and coordination between groups that may have not previously worked together. In order to fully take advantage of a microservices approach, organizations may have to reorganize, realign, or otherwise restructure teams to facilitate changing at the speed of business. 

Luckily, tools like Mulesoft Anypoint provide an underlying platform on which to create a microservices architecture. Coupled with containerization software such as Docker, organizations can use Mulesoft Anypoint to quickly build APIs, deploy to the Anypoint cloud, and create a strong microservices architecture that provides significant advantages over traditional SOA and point to point integration approaches. 

We love talking about microservices, innovation, and digital transformation. Please contact us to hear how our clients are accelerating their innovation capabilities and to see how we can help you as well. 

About the Author

Brandon Dean

Brandon Dean is Executive Vice President for AVIO and focuses his time on building client relationships and directing sales, marketing, and strategy initiatives for AVIO. Prior to joining AVIO in 2008, Brandon spent time in various positions at Oracle, BEA Systems, and Fuego where he built a reputation as a thought leader in BPM strategy and implementation advisory services. 

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