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It's very important to tackle the Javascript numeric precision issue sooner than later. Ideally, before you start writing the first line of code of your application. Once you realize that this issue affected your application, maybe it's too late and some data has been corrupted.

Back in mid-2014, Oracle was releasing Oracle BPM 11g Bundle Patch 3 and with it, the first version of its BPM REST APIs. That first cut was a good starting point, but it just offered a limited amount of functionality (find my previous post here). In this post, we’ll take a look at the BPM REST APIs version, released in August 2016, and see how they evolved after 2 years. 

An important benefit of Continuous Integration is the feedback it provides to the development team after the code is checked into "trunk", or in Git when pushed to the development branch.  The use of SoapUI to create web service tests is fairly typical in most organizations and is considered the de facto standard testing tool in SOA. 
6 Ways to improve your app usability.

 Prophet recently released Altimeter’s report on their current-year research into the state of digital transformation. The 2017 State of Digital Transformation Report aggregates data taken from the survey responses of 528 digital transformation leaders and strategists. It reveals some interesting patterns, a few of which we found noteworthy.

If you’ve used SOAPUI for any length of time, you’ve probably concluded it’s a really useful tool!  Automated API testing has been figurative manna from the heavens for the testing crowd at AVIO Consulting.  So, since everyone loves a good list, here are 6 tips to make your experience in SOAPUI an even more productive one 

The first 3 tips (part 1) center on navigation, ease of use, and best practices; the last 3 (part 2) will be based on lessons learned.

Ready?  Here we go!

1. Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right [Click]

2. Maximize Drag-and-Drop

Reflecting On The MuleSoft Dallas API Workshop

MuleSoft’s Dallas API Workshop was an educational and enlightening day dedicated to exploring the value and potential of APIs and harnessing the power of API-led development. Throughout the intervening week, we’ve found ourselves returning again and again to the day’s theme to extract and absorb every last insight. One can hardly overstate what APIs represent for the future of business agility or their centrality to digital transformation.

Often when starting a new project, a developer can have doubt on how to implement the structure, which patterns to follow or which of the many frameworks should you choose to achieve a single goal when there are hundreds out there. Many times this reason is why the kickstart is so hard.

Spring cleanup of archive files!


During a project, we casually gathered waaaay too many archive files.  These were intentionally stored, however, in development and testing environments, they became a nuisance, and took up too much space.  Occasionally the Ops team would send out an email saying that disk space was full, and it was time to do some cleanup.

Eventually, without any involvement, log files will get out of hand.  Oracle published in the Lifecycle Management guide ways to configure the diagnostic logging, however, the ".out" files aren't covered.

Sure, you can just go in and delete them occasionally, but why can't this be done automatically?

It can!

*Of note: this can guide is for servers running Linux!

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