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With MuleSoft Connect right around the corner, now is a good time to develop your strategy for sessions and workshops to attend.  The workshops, as noted below, require pre-registration, so be sure to sign up sooner rather than later so you won’t miss out.

To help you develop your strategy, AVIO has created a list of top 3 sessions and workshops to attend. Our focus for these picks is on learning about the new tools and features, along with expanding your MuleSoft knowledge.

Consuming an Oracle AQ Message withing MuleSoft Anypoint

AVIO Consulting, the most respected name for Oracle BPM training, is offering a way to leverage your end of year training budget to gain valuable BPM skills.

Through December 31, 2016, purchase AVIO Academy credits good for any AVIO Academy course and receive 20% off. Credits may be purchased this year and used until November 2017. AVIO Academy has a number of courses to help organizations ensure their resources are fully up to speed on the best practices, usage, and features of Oracle BPM.

The courses this discount can be applied to are:

When was the last time you looked for a Lessons Learned document concerning a project your organization completed last year? Yesterday? Yeah, right! Most companies doing software development perform formalized evaluations of their project performance however few have adopted an approach that ensures they will truly benefit from the value of their own experience. 1

Survival in today’s fluid business climate requires agility. The ability to respond to change quickly and strategically is a hallmark of effective digital enterprise.

Top 10 Oracle OpenWorld Sessions
Within Mule Flows, use ELK, ARM, and Mule Agent to help troubleshoot issues and understand what occurred within a process.

The Challenge

The Oracle 12.1.3 release provided Maven support and it generates project POMs for SOA, ADF and OSB quite nicely.  However, there is no out-of-the-box POM created for a project charged with deploying a Metadata Services archive (MAR) to SOA.   The solution is to use the Apache Assembly plugin to create the archive and then a SAR type deployment to target SOA.  The latter requires a large number of parameters be passed as Maven command line arguments and the deployment does not address targeting the MAR to different environments like QA and PROD.  

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a Scrum Master training session facilitated by Mike Cohn. Because of this training, I gained insight into a number of practices that fuel our productivity at AVIO Consulting.  The following three gleanings are the ones that impacted me the most.   

Maybe You Can Win

We’ve all experienced a massive re-direction of team effort mid-sprint.  Let’s face it, it’s more normal than any of us would like to admit.  However, part of Agile methodology is being, well, agile.  

Many companies focus on digital transformation as a way to set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace, with Santoku reporting 51 percent of executives are pushing for transformation initiatives over the next year. However, organizations often assume all change is digital transformation, especially when it involves new technology.
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