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I have the privilege of speaking with industry professionals from various market spaces and disciplines.  Some of these individuals are more familiar with Agile than others.  Occasionally, I’ll encounter one who applies Agile in a way that ostensibly makes sense.  However, after chewing on the requirements and corresponding user stories a bit, it becomes clear one or more user stories (and the subsequent work to maintain them) is unnecessary.  

Something we typically have to learn on our own is how to (1) auto-generate an ADF form and project from an Oracle BPM project and (2) how to reuse the ADF project when subsequently generating more ADF forms.

As a business analyst, I am tasked with a great many responsibilities.  Among them, grasping the client’s vision, writing cogent requirements, fleshing out additional details to prevent project bottlenecks, and performing functional tests of completed code.  If you’re familiar with the IT industry, then you know what’s described above is consistent with the BA job description (and therefore an understatement).  I might be content to simply fulfill the aforementioned tasks secure in the knowledge that I am meeting baseline expectations.

Natty Gur— Vice President and CIO of The Friedkin Companies, as well as an accomplished photographer, and blogger —managed his department through concurrent “insourcing” of its IT services and migration to the cloud. Faced with fundamental, dramatic market changes, the automotive conglomerate sought to increase organizational agility by self-managing their own cloud-based infrastructure.

Enabling Auto Claim on Task Opening using SOA/BPM 12.1.3
Sending Dynamic HTML-based emails for Oracle BPEL and BPM projects.
Recovering an Asynchronous Callback in Oracle BPMN.
One of the most confusing things about the Oracle BPM Workspace is the effect of claiming work items.

Here are a few reasons why AVIO should be at the top of your list to meet at IOUG if you are interested in digital transformation, integration, or cloud adoption:

AVIO Consulting is excited to sponsor a happy hour after the MuleSoft API Workshop in Dallas, Texas on February 23. The API workshop is specifically designed for architects and developers to gain hands on experience with the MuleSoft AnyPoint platform. With a full day of labs, each attending Muley will end up with relevant examples and best practices to use going forward.

Labs will cover topics such as:

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