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As we enter 2014, it is always good to take stock of our accomplishments as well as lay out new goals for the New Year.  There is so much activity in the SOA/BPM space that it can be challenging to focus on the key activities that will best help you reach your business and IT goals. 

Below are some ideas to get you started for your 2014 SOA and BPM New Year’s resolutions:

If you are reading this blog topic, then like so many, you are trying to use the Oracle SOA 11g Database Adapter to fit your database polling needs and are in need of a little assistance. 

Since most of the people at Avio seem to have some sort of flu or cold virus right now, it made sense to me to talk about how successful BPM engagements tend to lead to the viral adoption of BPM with an organization.  Most organizations tend to start with small, tactical implementations in order to get their feet wet and see how BPM fits within their IT and LOB functions.  If done properly, initial deployments tend to happen quickly and drive significant results.  As a result, the rest of the organization tends to take notice and the collective light bulb goes turn on.  What happens next is

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