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Avoiding agile's wrath when new requirements come up while a sprint is in progress.
Padawan to Master(ish)[?] | 3 Ways That Becoming a Software QA Tester Has Changed Me
The BPMN complex gateway's functionality can be duplicated in Oracle PCS using a multi-instance subprocess modeling pattern. 
Instead of using the default process swimlane Application Roles to assign a task to people, the Oracle Integration Cloud's Process Cloud Service (PCS) processes can be made more flexible and reusable when a User task in a process is set to be performed by different people dynamically. 
This blog explains why some exceptions are not caught by the error boundary events in PCS and why this is not necessarily a bad thing.
The 4-Eyes Principle is the term used when you want to insure that a task is approved by more than one person. This blog explains how excluding previous lane participants from approving tasks in a process that they approved upstream is done differently in Oracle BPM 12c processes than it was in 11g.
Process initiator end users are finding PCS notification emails filling up their inboxes. This describes how to stop the confusing and unnecessary emails.
Until now, exporting data from Oracle BAM 12c to Excel has been difficult. A new feature in now makes this simple for business users to do from a BAM dashboard.

Business Process Management (BPM) is an important part of many organizations. Many experts agree that BPM is not only important for business operations, it is a necessary component for handling change. There can be changes in assignments, changes in back-end systems and changes in workflow are just some examples. However when changes occur, it has been up to IT to implement and up to the business managers to manage the fallout. We all know change is painful, and the more we can place change control in the hands of the business managers, the better the organization can manage change.

Oracle SOA Database Adapters provide a polling mechanism that will periodically query a table to see if a there is a new or changed record.  If so, it can trigger a BPEL process.  This is enormously useful.  However, on one client I ran into a series of issues with database pollers in a clustered environment when they … collided.  (queue dramatic music)

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