Instructor Led Training

Oracle BPM Business Analyst Workshop

1 Day - Course A-110

Course Description

This is a one day hands-on workshop that provides students with an understanding of the core BPM concepts and hands-on lessons on designing and modeling effective processes.  This class covers essential topics for business analysts and features in the latest version of Oracle BPM 11g. 

A challenging case study is used throughout the class to reinforce the key learning objectives and usage of the Oracle BPM Studio and Process Composer.


At the end of this class, students attending will be able to:

  • Describe and model a business process using BPMN 2.0 constructs using Oracle BPM Studio and Process Composer
  • Describe how Oracle Business Process Management Suite can help an organization discover and optimize business processes
  • Execute a business process using the Oracle BPM Workspace
  • Describe BPM best practices recommended by Avio
  • Describe how running business processes are monitored and analyzed
  • Describe how to simulate a business process

Course Topics

One Day

Lesson 1 - BPM Overview – Discussion of benefits of BPM, process modeling and process improvement.

Lesson 2 - BPMN Overview – Discussion of the BPMN standard and the artifacts used to model processes followed by a case study.

Lesson 3 - Basic Process Modeling – Put your new knowledge to immediate use. Model a process using the BPMN standard using Oracle Business Process Composer.

Lesson 4 - Team Development – Process modeling is a team effort. In this lesson you will learn how a team can share the project for editing and viewing.

Lesson 5 - Process Simulation – Run a simulation of the business process modeled to determine potential bottlenecks and cost constraints.

Lesson 6 - Oracle BPM Workspace - Understand what end users will see once a BPM project is in production - end user task list, filter tasks based on a search, view dashboards to monitor an activated process.

Lesson 7 - Advanced Process Modeling – Further enhance the process and improve your BPMN skills using more advanced BPMN patterns.

Lesson 8 - Best Practices – Learn from expert practitioners what to expect during a BPM project, guidelines for each phase of a BPM project.

Lesson 9 - BPM Sweet Spots/Use Cases - Learn the best places to apply BPM within your organization and best practices from other process-oriented organizations.