Course Code Delivery Type Prerequisites Duration Audience Price
A-211v Online Virtual Self-Paced Training None Students can take up to 2 weeks to complete Developers, architects, system administrators $2,100 (2 weeks access)


Course Description

Oracle BPM Self Paced Developer Workshop provides students with an understanding of the core BPM concepts and hands-on lessons on designing and developing effective processes. This class covers essential topics for developers and features in the latest version of Oracle BPM 11g and 12c.

A challenging case study is used throughout the class to reinforce the key learning objectives and usage of the Oracle BPM Studio.

Course Topics

Oracle BPM Suite 
Overview Discussion of the benefits of BPM, process modeling and the Oracle BPM Suite product

Introduction to Oracle BPM Studio
Basic features of JDeveloper (Oracle BPM Studio) - each student will start their own remote desktop with Oracle BPM installed on it

BPMN Modeling
Discussion of BPMN 2.0, process, roles, activities and basic process patterns

Business Process Modeling (Part 1)
Demonstration of the capabilities of Oracle BPM followed by a hands-on process modeling exercise driven from a case study

Deploy the BPM Application
Configure JDeveloper and deploy the projects created thus far

WorkSpace (Part 1)
Run your BPM project as an end user - understand what they will see and how they will interact with the process once in production

Business Process Modeling (Part 2)
Enhance the process with additional roles, user tasks, exclusive gateways and a script activity

WorkSpace (Part 2)
Redeploy and run instances through the enhanced process – filtering instances and adding views

Enterprise Manager
Learn about the relationship of the Enterprise Manger and BPM Processes, work item instances, the audit trail, viewing payloads and fault monitoring

BPM ADF (Part 1)
Learn the basics of ADF and its architecture. Clean-up and enhance the automatically generated ADF forms to make them more presentable – redeploy and test

XPath and XSLT
XSLT and XPath explained and learn how to transform one type of XML document into a different type

Business Rules
Create a complex business rule decision table and test it as it is invoked from the process

BPM Process Composer Demonstration
Although not within scope of the Developer Workshop. BPM Process Composer will be demonstrated

Human Task Approval
Learn how to use the complex variety of approval patterns available for Interactive activities

Business Process Modeling (Part 3)
Add a sub-process to the project that will use a Complex Gateway, boundary events and a timer event sub-process

Basic SOA Application
Build the core SOA Application consisting of a Web Service, Mediator and Database Adapter

BPM ADF (Part 2)
An ADF application will be created using ADF Business Components, building forms around Employee database tables.

Flex Fields
Create and use flex fields to extend the information shown to end users in the Workspace. Both Public and Protected flex fields are discussed.