Instructor Led Training

Oracle BPM Business Process Composer Training

4 Days - $2,800 per Person

Course Description

This training is for developers who will design and deploy Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation composite applications.  The concepts behind SOA are covered as well as practical hands-on lessons to design, integrate, deploy and orchestrate services. 

Oracle JDeveloper will be used to create SOA Composite applications consisting of Mediators, BPEL processes,  Business Rules and the Service Bus. The presentations and hands-on lessons combine to instill the skills necessary before beginning a SOA project. 

It is taught by a certified Oracle SOA architect who has multiple years of real-life implementation experience. It is extremely comprehensive and deep in its coverage of BPEL, Mediator, Business Rules, Event Driven Network (EDN), and Java integration.  This course was written by one of the best in the business - Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema of Amis and the author of the Oracle SOA Handbook (Oracle Press)

Course Topics

1. Introduction to SOA

Overview of SOA and an introduction to its benefits, features, challenges, typical entry points, components, Oracle SOA platform, basic definitions, SCA, Composite and Mediator activities and testing. 

2. Introducing SOA, SCA and the Mediator Component 

Create Your First SOA Composite Application

Deploying and Testing the HelloWorld Composite Application

Create SOA Composite with Outbound File Adapter

Testing Web Services using SOAP UI

Monitoring and Administration

3. Mediator and File Adapter

Using the Inbound File Adapter

Message Enrichment Using the Mediator

Using Filter Expressions

4. Introducing BPEL

BPEL overview that describes its purpose, how it fits in the architecture, use cases, characteristics, activities, and testing

Building a Simple BPEL Process:  HelloWorld

5. BPEL - Variables, Activities, Partner Links 

Using BPEL for Orchestration


Synchronous Launch

6. BPEL – Other Activities, Correlations, Dehydration 

Integrate BPEL with File Adapter and Mediator

7. BPEL – Exception Handling

8. Database Adapter – Basics and Configuration

Using the Database Adapter

Preparing the Run Time Environment

Deploy and Test

9. Database Adapter – Inbound Database Adapter, PL/SQL 

Implement Database Query Service

Update Rows in Database, Configure Outbound Database Adapter, Poll for New Rows, Use Mediator to Receive Poll

10. Advanced BPEL Concepts - Advanced Flow control, Master and Detail process coordination, Correlation, Composite Sensors, BPEL Sensors, Exception Handling – Catch and Throw, Error Hospital, Compensation Handler, SDO Entity Interaction, Notification and User Messaging Service

Introducing Correlation

Adding Put and Clear Operations

Monitoring Map Instances using Sensors

Exception Handling

11. Introducing the case of St Matthews and The Business Rule Component

Re-enacting St. Matthews

Implementing a Business Rule to Decide on External Appointments

12. Introduction Human Task – Key elements, Creating Human Tasks, Properties, Outcomes, Parameters, Task Allocation, Notification, Actionable Emails, BPM Workspace, Integration in the Composite, Integration in BPEL

13. Introduction to Oracle BPM

14. Introduction Events and Event Delivery Network (EDN) – Introducing Events and Event Driven Architecture, Introduction of the event infrastructure in SOA Suite, Event Definition Language for defining event types, Consuming Events by Service Components, Event Administration, Publication of Events by Service Components

15. Super Decoupling with Event Delivery Network Labs (Part 1)

Getting Acquainted with Events and EDN

Synchronizing Patient Data using EDN

16. EDN and Introducing CEP (Part 2) – Consuming Events in running instances, Some Event Design Patterns, Alternative ways into and out of the EDN, Complex Event Processing

Correlation on Events

Having Non-Events Published on EDN

Decoupling Two-way Services using the Discussion Forum Approach

17. Java Integration – REST, Embedding Java in BPEL, Mediator Java Callouts, Spring Components, PDF Generation, EJBs, Inbound and Outbound JMS

Leveraging the Spring Service Component

Leveraging the Outbound EJB Binding

18. Oracle Service Bus - Introducing the Oracle Service Bus