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Start your digital evolution with AVIO’s award-winning MuleSoft API strategy. Trusted by North America's most prominent enterprises, our comprehensive framework manages your API ecosystem to produce real business value throughout its entire lifecycle. 

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Winning in the API Economy Needs a Rock-Solid Strategy

Welcome to the API economy. APIs have changed to embody standards such as HTTPS and REST to increase accessibility and consumption across new audiences. And unlike the APIs of the past, modern APIs are treated like products that can be versioned and documented, giving developers an indication of their lifecycle and maintenance requirements. 


Navigating and succeeding while utilizing APIs require a time-tested and results-oriented strategy. AVIO’s award-winning framework takes you from planning to ongoing management with reliable expertise built into every stage of the process.

AVIO’s API Strategy Unlocks the Power of Data with API-Led Connectivity

API-led connectivity enables developers to reuse APIs to unlock data for use in applications and projects throughout the entire system. Along with decentralizing and democratizing data, API-led connectivity uses three categories of reusable APIs to create new services and expand system capabilities.

Producing reusable assets also unlocks other systems, including legacy applications, SaaS apps, and other data sources. Developers can then reuse those API assets to compose process-level information, allowing them to discover and self-serve on all reusable assets to create an API experience layer that eventually leads to end-applications.

Faster Deployment and a Superior ROI

Mulesoft’s API-led approach — with reusable assets at the core of its methodology — ultimately leads to increased speed, productivity, and agility. Along with creating new revenue streams, APIs provide new tools that allow businesses to expand, innovate faster and serve customers better.

Increased stability and reliability with AVIO’s proprietary testing framework

Having a solid testing framework is essential to a viable API technology stack. Mule Groovy — AVIO’s custom testing framework —  supports testing in Mule 4, allowing developers to build automated tests for Mule integrations within the Mule XML ecosystem. 

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<h2>AVIO’s API Strategy Blueprint</h2>

AVIO’s API Strategy Blueprint

AVIO’s API strategy blueprint comprises several stages that include critical technology and business fundamentals that include: 

1. API Strategy Planning

The first phase establishes the digital strategy and aligns all potential stakeholders against current problems while identifying possible opportunities and core competencies.

AVIO ensures this stage is completed by accomplishing the following steps: 

  • Envisioning business outcomes
  • Determine potential audiences 
  • Validating business models
  • Validating the ecosystem
  • Creating and prioritizing a roadmap
  • Securing executive support 
  • Defining trust, privacy, and security as critical organizational values 
  • Creating a product-focused approach to APIs and related services
  • Hiring domain experts

Metrics and KPIs that measure the success of the planning stage include business cases, roadmaps, prototypes, employee certifications, and API consumer NPS/SAT scores.

2. Designing, Building, and Deploying Modern APIs


The second stage comprises the building, evaluation, and deployment of the entire lifecycle API management platform and tools.
This is accomplished by:


  • Establishing the API architecture
  • Commencing KPI capture and consolidation
  • Dashboarding
  • Activation of security best practices
  • Establishing certification and training offerings 
  • Publishing a comprehensive developer portal with productivity tools
  • Launching a collaborative feedback loop for future versioning and support
  • Creating incentives for community partnerships


Metrics to watch at this stage include:

  • Time to market for new applications and APIs
  • Associated availability and uptime
  • Security KPIs
  • Number of developer registrations, API calls, new applications developed
  • Developer conversion and retention

3. Ongoing API Management

Managing APIs throughout their entire API product lifecycle is critical to the success of your digital evolution. 

MuleSoft’s Anypoint API Community Manager provides self-service API documentation, API strategy resources, support, forums, and the personalized resources developers need to manage APIs throughout their entire lifecycle.

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AVIO’s API Strategy Produces Real-World Business Value

Enterprises adopting AVIO’s well-defined API strategy can experience dramatic and positive business outcomes with benefits that include increased growth, better agility, and improved speed. Some real-world use cases include:

Healthcare Global Leader Uses Analytics and Science to Discover Better Privacy-Oriented Patient Solutions

Healthcare Global Leader Uses Analytics and Science to Discover Better Privacy-Oriented Patient Solutions

Our client used an array of privacy-enhancing technologies and safeguards to protect individual privacy while generating and analyzing data to produce better health outcomes.

The Challenge: 

Increasing amounts of data from company operations were creating reliability and scalability issues across global markets.

Our Solution: 

In collaboration with MuleSoft, AVIO evaluated the platform's infrastructure, architecture, API design, coding standards, deployment pipelines, and best practices. We implemented new initiatives to increase transparency and provide better service, including Record Traceability and Reprocessing and Monitoring. 

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Oil Producer Modernizes IT to Capitalize on Rapid Growth and Shifting Market Dynamics

Oil Producer Modernizes IT to Capitalize on Rapid Growth and Shifting Market Dynamics

Our client’s IT department was experiencing significant strain resulting from increasing amounts of data created during a period of rapid growth. 

The Challenge:

Various open-source technologies and point-to-point integrations were creating issues across the organization. 

Our solution:

AVIO implemented MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to increase capacity, fulfill business needs, and deliver integration projects faster. 

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Retail Firm Leverages API Strategy to Unlock the Power of Customer Data to Modernize Fulfillment, Spur Growth and Increase Agility

Retail Firm Leverages API Strategy to Unlock the Power of Customer Data to Modernize Fulfillment, Spur Growth and Increase Agility

Our client, an established headwear manufacturer, was experiencing operational inefficiency that prevented business growth. 

The Challenge:

The client’s systems lacked effective integration between backend ERP and their three web storefronts. They relied on a manual transcription of order data that resulted in human errors, requiring an increase in human resources to address volume increases. 

Our Solution:

AVIO implemented an API- based integration solution to order transfer and processing from online storefronts into their ERP, resulting in increased efficiency.

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Start Your Evolution with AVIO’s Transformative API Strategy

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