September 16 2016

Natty Gur— Vice President and CIO of The Friedkin Companies, as well as an accomplished photographer, and blogger —managed his department through concurrent “insourcing” of its IT services and migration to the cloud. Faced with fundamental, dramatic market changes, the automotive conglomerate sought to increase organizational agility by self-managing their own cloud-based infrastructure.

Agile development enabled his team to turn crisply, reliably, and repeatably on every sick curve and nasty slider the lengthy transition dealt them. 

Along the way Natty formed an insight. If Agile principles make software development teams responsive to change, couldn’t they be expected to improve agility when applied to open-ended business functions as well?

Agile ManifestoXOIT (eXpOnential IT) is his name for the system he designed and is in the process of implementing to empower his department with Agile development principles. He documents the ongoing implementation on his blog.

A Cautionary Tale

He discusses a particularly frustrating interaction with a large camera manufacturer. Bound to process at the critical moment, their customer service department lost a loyal customer. The Agile Manifesto declares the value of individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Natty’s experience is an instance in which an organization empowered by Agile principles could have preserved a customer relationship.

Pursue Agility

Digital transformation aligns people and interactions with processes and tools in a way that optimizes both, always keeping people at the center. People are at the center of AVIO Consultingas well. We specialize in helping our clients find that sweet spot of alignment through targeted, thoughtful, and customized digital transformation journeys.

If you’re seeking to gain agility through insourcing and the power of the cloud, we can help. We offer platform-as-a-service capability to enable you begin quickly, easily, and flexibly innovating your data into the solutions your customers need. We provide expert, enlightened mentorship in the use of development tools like Oracle Fusion Middleware and MuleSoft and in Agile Development techniques. We can help you develop your strategy, optimize your organization, and become an agile and effective digital enterprise.

About the Author

Brandon Dean

Brandon Dean is president of AVIO and focuses his time on nurturing client relationships and directing sales, marketing, and strategic initiatives for AVIO. Prior to joining AVIO in 2008, Brandon spent time in various positions at Oracle, BEA Systems, and Fuego where he built a reputation as a thought leader in digital transformation strategy and implementation advisory services. 

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