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When Oracle SOA Database Adapters Collide

Oracle SOA Database Adapters provide a polling mechanism that will periodically query a table to see if a there is a new or changed record.  If so, it can trigger a BPEL process.  This is enormousl

Avio Consulting

I recently ran into a rather worrisome situation where my Admin Server suddenly lost connection with my SOA Managed Server.  Luckily my users were blissfully unaffected and looked at me strangely…

Oracle ACM

Invoking Oracle ACM from a web service call is not difficult but unfortunately is also not well documented.  I know … you’re shocked. 

Avio Consulting

Since Oracle BPM 12c was released this summer, many of our legacy BPM 10g customers have begun to ask what to expect from the migration path.  As my colleague…

Avio Consulting

This article is the first in a series from AVIO Consulting that will revolve around Oracle API Gateway.  As our customers move from APIs that are exposed and consumed entirely within their…