AVIO Insights

Kevin and Adam

Kevin King has over 11 years experience in enterprise scale implementations. Kevin is very experienced in architecting, modeling and developing solutions across many systems, internal and external. These systems include ICS, DBCS, Weblogic domains, databases, EBS (cloud and on-prem), Java Web Services, SAP, and numerous Java APIs. Kevin is a hard-working, efficient technical resource, with excellent communication and planning skills. Kevin also has proven to possess valuable mentoring skills, accelerating his proteges development as skilled Fusion Middleware resources. Adam DesJardin is the Chief Technology Officer for AVIO Consulting. Adam focuses on technical strategy, standards and delivery both within AVIO and for our customers. Prior to joining AVIO in 2007, Adam held various consulting and architecture positions at Fuego and BEA Systems where he developed and delivered process and service driven solutions. Adam graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. He resides in Dallas, TX and in his spare time, enjoys traveling and photography.