Suyash Khot

BPM 12c - BPM Object Scripting Using Groovy

Oracle BPM 12c has a new feature included that allows for BPM scripting using the Groovy..

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A very common use case for using an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is when there is a..

Oracle BPM 12c Migration - A Hand of Friendship to Oracle BPM 10g

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In my previous blog, we looked at the Oracle ACM Activity and its various properties in..

Oracle ACM 11g - Activities

In my previous blog, we looked at Oracle ACM's Title, Priority, and Category artifacts..

Oracle ACM 11g - A look into Title, Priority, and Category

In Oracle BPM 11g PS6, BPM Studio (JDeveloper) is the design-time environment for Oracle..

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In my previous blog I demonstrated how ODI Scenarios can be exported with one click using..

Oracle ODI 11g Scenario Exports Made Easy

It is a common practice within ODI to export ODI Packages, Interfaces, Procedures,..

BPM Process Composer - The great, the good, and the bad

On my last project, I got a chance to work with BPM 11g Process Composer. It didn't take..

Dynamic Find and Replace using ANT scripts

About a month ago, I wrote a shell script to do some automated file transactions. As part..

Oracle ODI 11g ELT - Oracle DB to XML

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is Oracle's data integration platform engineered to provide..

Laying Down a Plan for Maintenance

Your BPM project is ready to "Go-Live" and you are excited about finally reaching this..