Chakri Bonthala & Tim Gonzales

Chakri is a senior software developer mostly working on enterprise application integration. Chakri is a Certified MuleSoft Developer and Platform Architect. Chakri worked on very diverse industry verticals helping the enterprise integration needs, using MuleSoft. He possesses a strong muscle memory of development skills with core integration concepts and best practices. Chakri has lots of experience working with the developing APIs, SaaS and event-based applications using a variety of design patterns for application scalability, maintainability, reliability, etc. along with designing and developing CI/CD pipelines with a broad set of tooling systems.

Tim is a Mule Certified developer with over 4 years of technology implementation and application development and architecture experience. Tim is an expert in designing and developing REST APIs, queue based applications, and integrating external systems. Tim also has an extensive background in SRE principles and “coding for the future”.

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