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Reuse is a key SOA architectural principle that should always be of consideration when developing a solution. When creating an Oracle API Gateway (OAG) policy that is used to virtualize an OSB REST endpoint (for further details, see Oracle API Data Sheet), it can be done in a generic way allowing for a high level of reuse.

Mobility is now a given. More employees work long hours away from the office and many customers will throw the book at a company that doesn’t support user-friendly apps. This is a world that turns traditional notions about operational best practices upside down. Mobility is unclaimed territory with seemingly unlimited opportunities. Mobile BPM is the key to delivering what customers and employees want.

Many businesses have grown a little too comfortable with the status quo. The days of vendor lock-in via large and cumbersome ERP implementations are becoming a thing of the past while new and disruptive technologies continue to support upstart competitors at increasingly rapid paces. The shift to a more modular approach to technology and the consumerization of the IT function are creating a need to manage the various modules. 

Single-page apps are one of those things that is in-vogue, but has been technically-possible for a while now. I have created single-page web apps with ADF, Sharepoint, and using standard web technologies. One thing to keep in mind, and one that has caused me some pain, is what you will do if and when the business asks for another page to be added outside of the single-page design. Hopefully, I am guessing you don't have to use Sharepoint as it's not all that hard to accomodate additions like this in ADF.

You can capture signatures in a web view using canvas, as has been demonstrated already, but did you know that you can do the same thing with Scalable Vector Graphics? You may be wondering what the point would be, other than novelty. I will not get into the debate between canvas and SVG in-general, but for this particular application, there are a few advantages to be had by going with SVG. Keep reading to find out why and how to add an SVG signature component to your MAF applications. 

We all know we should be testing more than we do, but it is one of those things that is frequently resisted, delayed, done incorrectly or simply forgotten.  Creating and maintaining test cases can seem daunting when you are first getting started.

Since our job is to support business users, let's look at the value of testing from a business perspective.  Bring your own device (BYOD) is the now the norm.  This can translate into a testing mine field, laden with different operating systems, frequent updates, a variety of screen geometries and device features.

The Oracle A-Team just posted an interesting article on their blog, it mainly covers how to debug your iOS UI, but I found something else in there that is just awesome. Font Awesome to be precise.   

What is Font Awesome?

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