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Out in beautiful San Diego at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, Appian World 2019 had already set the stage for a great conference. I had just finished my Appian Level 1 certification and was very excited for the sessions offered as well as the interview with Andre Agassi and the dinner party on the USS Midway. I set my sights on a few of the more technical sessions that were being offered during the three-day conference as I was there to learn.

HashiCorp Vault is a great place to store your secrets, but how does one quickly and easily integrate from Mule 4? Thankfully, AVIO has a Vault Connector and Vault Properties Provider. And lucky for you, both are open-source and easy to add to your project.

Which one should you use?

If you only need to retrieve values from Vault and they aren't expected to change frequently, use the properties provider. It is best to use the properties provider for database connection details as well as other connectors that require secret information at startup time.

Documentation. Hardly anybody wants to write it, but it is one of the most important deliverables in a software project. Without documentation, it becomes very difficult to understand why things were done the way they were and if the project is operating as expected. 

However, one thing I’ve noticed over the last three years (speaking as a consultant here) is that the hiring focus for quality assurance professionals seems to be, well, a little behind the times.  Speaking to a business colleague (and a very seasoned senior business analyst at that), I was told BAs were once mostly migrated out of the developer cadre.  If one wasn’t first a developer, then one couldn’t be a BA.  This paradigm, of course, has changed drastically.  

If you’ve ever had difficulty prioritizing testing activities, you’re not alone. Iterative frameworks like Agile mean testing is performed in miniature cycles that add up to what eventually becomes a product release. Unfortunately, though, testers don’t necessarily get to choose which tickets developers complete first. One test release may have several JIRA tickets the client considers high priority while another might have none.

Three reasons why being curious will help you shine as a QA tester.
Avoiding agile's wrath when new requirements come up while a sprint is in progress.
Padawan to Master(ish)[?] | 3 Ways That Becoming a Software QA Tester Has Changed Me

If you’ve used SOAPUI for any length of time, you’ve probably concluded it’s a really useful tool!  Automated API testing has been figurative manna from the heavens for the testing crowd at AVIO Consulting.  So, since everyone loves a good list, here are 3 more tips to make your experience in SOAPUI an even more productive one.

The first 3 tips (part 1) centered on navigation, ease of use, and best practices (link below). The last 3 (part 2) will be based on lessons learned.

Ready?  Here we go!

It's very important to tackle the Javascript numeric precision issue sooner than later. Ideally, before you start writing the first line of code of your application. Once you realize that this issue affected your application, maybe it's too late and some data has been corrupted.
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