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3 Reasons TestRail is a QA Dream App

Testing is full of organizational challenges that take a lot of our time.  Let’s face it,..

Integration Cloud Service (ICS) - Lets POC and get our feet wet

At a recent client, I had a "citizen integrator" ask me to show them some of the..

Software QA Testing: 3 Things Your Boss Should Know

As reported in Donald Firesmith’s Common System and Software Testing Pitfalls, inadequate..

How to Avoid Agile's Wrath

By Oliver Holzbauer via Flickr https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode  ..

Padawan to Master(ish)[?] |How QA Software Testing Changed Me

Software QA testing is so much more than plugging away at a UI or finding new ways to..

6 Tips to Make the Most of SOAPUI — Part 2

If you’ve used SOAPUI for any length of time, you’ve probably concluded it’s a really..

Unshackle the Business - Best Practices in UI and Process Designs

To remain competitive, companies have to continually drive down costs while maintaining..

Using the Role-Based Authorization Strategy in Jenkins

Ramping Up The Jenkins Role-Based Authorization Strategy plugin is an excellent approach..

Good SOA Pipeline Plumbing

Starting Up The arrival of the Jenkins Pipeline feature coincided with the the addition..

Overcoming Javascript Numeric Precision Issues

In Javascript, all numbers are encoded as double precision floating point numbers,..

Quick look into Oracle BPM 12c REST APIs

Back in mid-2014, Oracle was releasing Oracle BPM 11g Bundle Patch 3 and with it, the..

Running SoapUI Tests in Maven

Starting Up An important benefit of Continuous Integration is the feedback it provides to..