AVIO Insights: Oracle (3)

Leverage Maven to Enable Continuous Deployment in Oracle ESS

Oracle ESS (Enterprise Scheduling Service) is a nice feature that's standard in Oracle..

Enable Continuous Deployment with Oracle B2B

Why? Oracle B2B provides a nice console to configure document definitions, trading..

Why your Initiator Task is not Visible in the Oracle BPM Workspace

Everyone getting started with Oracle BPM struggles getting the link for a process's..

Display Meaningful Instance Titles in the Process Tracking Tab

This is an extract from AVIO's new Oracle BPM 12c Developer Training and it explains how..

It is Not "BPM vs. BPEL"

I'm not trying to sway the BPM vs. BPEL argument one way or the other, but I'd simply..

Top 10 Oracle OpenWorld Sessions 2016

When attending Oracle Open World, it can be a bit overwhelming to identify the best..

Case Study: Modernizing AP Processing in JD Edwards

Next month, AVIO Consulting, along with our client Land O'Lakes, will present a use case..

No More Hidden SOA Performance Problems

For anyone who has done performance and load testing in Oracle SOA suite, you know it can..

Oracle BPM Multi-Instance Subprocess Activity

Oracle BPM's Multi-instance Subprocess is a type of a subprocess activity that can take..

Composite Sensors in Oracle SOA Suite 12c

Implementing composite sensors within a SOA solution provides the ability to define..

Fault Notification Alerts - New Functionality in Oracle SOA 12c

One of the new features included in Oracle SOA Suite 12c is the ability to define..

Five Tools for Debugging Oracle SOA Suite

Have you ever completed a software project and had nothing go wrong? Neither have I...