AVIO Insights: Oracle (5)

Oracle ACM 11g - A look into Title, Priority, and Category

In Oracle BPM 11g PS6, BPM Studio (JDeveloper) is the design-time environment for Oracle..

BPM 11g and Human Workflow Shadow Rows

During the OFM Forum last week, there were a few discussions around the relationship..

Oracle BPM 11g Learning Resources

This week a student asked for a list of my favorite Oracle BPM 11g books, forums, blogs..

Oracle ODI 11g Scenario Imports Made Easy

In my previous blog I demonstrated how ODI Scenarios can be exported with one click using..

Oracle ODI 11g Scenario Exports Made Easy

It is a common practice within ODI to export ODI Packages, Interfaces, Procedures,..

Oracle BPM and Oracle Service Bus Integration Part III

As discussed in my previous post, another common type of integration between Oracle BPM..

Oracle SOA Database Adapter 101 - WebLogic Configuration Steps

Remember the commercial with the “Easy” button? When you press it miraculous things..

Building a Polling Staging Table for Oracle SOA Database Adapter

When deciding to use the Oracle SOA Database Adapter the use of a good poller friendly..

Oracle BPM and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)

(This is an excerpt from Lesson 8 "Oracle BPM and ADF (Part 1)" from Avio Consulting's..

Setting the Composite Name/Title for a Oracle BPM Composite Instance

As mentioned in my previous post, Oracle BPM 11g Quick Tip - Making BPM Process Instance..

BPMN 2.0 Support in Oracle BPM 11g

Recently on the blogosphere and on Oracle Technical Network (OTN), there have been posts..

Oracle BPM and Oracle Service Bus Integration Part II: Consuming Services

As discussed in my previous post, using Oracle BPM to consume services exposed through..