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In the frame of building a massive web app for our clients, we may lose the focus on what's really important.

 Prophet recently released Altimeter’s report on their current-year research into the state of digital transformation.

If you’ve used SOAPUI for any length of time, you’ve probably concluded it’s a really useful tool!  Automated API testing has been figurative manna from the heavens for the testing crowd at AVIO…

Using a Multi-Instance Subprocess to Duplicate Complex Gateway Functionality in PCS

To speed the time it takes for a work item instance to flow through a process, copies of the instance can be sent to people in multiple roles simultaneously in the

Dynamically Assign Tasks in a PCS Process

Instead of using the default process swimlane Application Roles to assign a task to people, the Oracle Integration Cloud's Process Cloud Service (PCS) processes can be made more flexible and…


Although the SOA and OSB Maven artifacts provided in the release are much improved from what was rel