Migrate to the Cloud for Scalability, Flexibility, and Cost Optimization

Why move to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud gives everyone in your organization access to enterprise-class technology. It also allows smaller businesses to act faster than their big, established competitors.

Pay-as-you-go cloud computing service and cloud business applications mean small organizations can run with the big players and disrupt the market, while still remaining lean and nimble. You can move forward with confidence – AVIO is Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified.

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Moving to the cloud offers major advantages

At AVIO, we like to say that we’re not the Navy, we’re Navy SEALs because our team is more experienced, well-trained, and more exacting than you’ll find anywhere. Our cloud migration services provide increased scalability and flexibility, and we focus on preserving data integrity and continued operations.

So, just what are the advantages of moving your applications and data to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud gives you the ability to deploy your apps and services faster. Quickly provision servers and other resources with just a few steps.

Cloud providers take care of some of the larger security issues, like keeping unwanted traffic outside a specific scope from accessing the machines where your data and apps reside. They also make sure automatic security updates are applied to prevent vulnerability to the latest security threats.

Cloud systems take away the complexity of the underlying infrastructure architecture you use to provision new machines and make them all work together. With cloud migration, all you need to launch new, necessary services is just to fill out some information. This can save quite a bit of time.

Cloud services are able to monitor apps and machines for potential issues and outages, saving time that IT staff would spend tracking the state of services manually.

Backup and logging services are extremely important, especially if you need to perform disaster recovery and analyze problems. Backups mean you can get things up and running again, and logs can provide critical information about what caused the issues.

Workload deployment, monitoring, and mobility can be taken care of in a single location instead of going through several different services that may not use a common user interface.

With cloud services, your team won’t need to be at a specific location to deploy, update, or fix issues. This makes it a more flexible solution. Also, the consistency of the provisioning and deployment processes the cloud provides can make it much easier to collaborate, because everyone is on the same page.

By using the cloud, you can potentially reduce the number of data centers needed in your organization. In fact, you may only need one data center for sensitive information, or if you don’t store this type of information, you may need no data center at all. This can save the costs of operating multiple data centers.

Cloud providers can offer autoscaling, which lets you provision more services when they’re needed and turn them off when they aren’t. This technique can help save even more money because you’re only charged for the time those additional systems are on,  rather than keeping additional machines up and running at all times to deal with occasional peak loads. Your services can automatically respond with the number of resources needed at any given time, preventing both downtime and unnecessary expense.

The extraordinary impact of the cloud and its imprint on the workplace experience can’t be overstated. Going forward, IT leaders will continue to innovate and grow their business with cloud-first and cloud-only policies. If the cloud is still unknown territory for your organization, let AVIO guide your path to the dynamic digital workplace.

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Digital evolution is a strategic, customer-focused overhaul of your organization, technology, and operational processes; with the goal of adapting you more elegantly and efficiently to the digital marketplace, as well as preparing you for the future.

AVIO works with you to align these three dimensions of your business so they can pull in unison to engage the digital consumer, and to facilitate the enterprise-wide agility necessary to respond nimbly to change.

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