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Connect 2021

2021/05/18 - 2021/05/19

Join AVIO at MuleSoft CONNECT, the leading integration event hosted by MuleSoft. If you are interested in learning how to accelerate your business outcomes using the latest innovations and trends in integration and API management, you will not want to miss this virtual event. Registration is free and you can do so by clicking here.

Accelerating Success with Your MuleSoft Implementation

2021/05/27 - 2021/05/27

Client Advisor Jenny Rendall and MuleSoft Architect and 2020 MuleSoft Community Ambassador Manik Magar will break down AVIO’s structured approach to implementing the Anypoint Platform. This is our tried and tested approach that all but ensures a successful implementation.

Advanced DataWeave

Due to popular demand, the AVIO team has crafted a new session diving deeper into the following topics: Streaming in DataWeave Round 2, Trees, Accessing Configuration Properties, Working with Time, Working with Multipart form-data, URL Module, Custom Data Formats, Options for String Interpolation, and more!

Mule 3 to 4

The release of MuleSoft version 4 brought many new beneficial features to the platform, which can bring immense value to your organization. We will be hosting a webinar on the Mule 3 to Mule 4 transition.

Rising to the MultiCloud Challenge

There are many reasons why you may find yourself using multiple cloud solutions and storage services instead of a single product. We will talk about the reasons that may require distributing your assets and applications among several cloud hosting providers, the challenges that MultiCloud hosting brings, and how/when MuleSoft can enable the adoption of MultiCloud.

How to Use DataWeave Like a Pro

DataWeave, a functional programming language used for data transformations, is a technical and powerful component of the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.