Advanced DataWeave

March 18, 2021 - 1:00 PM CST

Webinar Information

Join us for a new webinar all about DataWeave.  Due to popular demand, the AVIO team has crafted a new session diving deeper into the topics identified below.  

Speaker: Clayton Flesher, Senior Developer at AVIO Consulting.

These are some of the topics that we’ll cover:

  • Streaming in DataWeave Round 2
    • Detailed example of input streaming
    • Detailed example of output streaming
  • Trees
    • Take complex DataWeave and make it simple
    • Using an out of the box function for something that used to be handled by custom code
  • Accessing Configuration Properties
    • Trade offs of the approaches
  • Working with Time (Period, Time, Timezone)
  • Working with Multipart form-data
  • URL Module
    • Encoding
    • Decoding
    • Parsing
    • Compose vs String Concatenation
  • Custom Data Formats
  • Options for String Interpolation

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