AVIO Consulting's Managed Services and Expert on Demand Offering

By managing your MuleSoft platform, AVIO provides forward-thinking monitoring and oversight of your development, testing, and production environments, which reduces your need to train new employees and maintain a complex technology infrastructure.

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AVIO's MuleSoft Expert on Demand and Managed Services

Managed Services and Expert on Demand are two of AVIO's offerings that provide comprehensive support for your MuleSoft infrastructure. While Managed Services provides proactive monitoring and management for your applications, Expert on Demand provides ad-hoc access to certified MuleSoft experts who can help with reactive issues such as root cause analysis and implementing fixes. 

In the event that something does go wrong, Managed Services can quickly identify the issue. Once the root cause is determined, Expert on Demand can be used if you want AVIO's team of experts to implement the fix and ensure your MuleSoft initiatives stay on track. Together, these services offer a complete solution for managing and optimizing your MuleSoft environment.
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Utilizing AVIO’s Expert on Demand Service

AVIO’s Expert on Demand service is a fixed-duration support engagement designed for existing MuleSoft customers who need ad-hoc access to experienced MuleSoft consultants and best practices for their existing internal team. The Expert on Demand service is an annual commitment and has options for 40, 60, or 80 hours.

Who is a good fit? 

  • Companies with smaller IT teams and/or smaller MuleSoft teamswith limited full-time staff dedicated to MuleSoft
  • Companies limited to junior MuleSoft team members
  • Companies who have started the journey towards self-sufficiencyon the platform but need periodic support
  • Companies wanting a development/delivery safety net
  • Companies needing periodic MuleSoft architectural review
  • Companies looking for a long-term part-time support

Utilizing AVIO’s Managed Services

AVIO Consulting’s Managed Services offering is the proactive management of a MuleSoft client’s on-premise or hybrid development, test, and production environments. This management also includes a client’s deployed applications in the production environment and the management of additional components used to support the MuleSoft ecosystem.

Who is a good fit? 

  • Companies who lack the ability, desire, or skills to effectively manage theirMuleSoft environment, applications, and platform
  • Organizations with a singular team responsible for design and development of Mule applications while also responsible for Mule environments
  • Companies who want to focus on delivering business value instead of troubleshooting, support, and maintenance tasks
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AVIO is Repeatedly Recognized as Best-in-Class

AVIO Consulting, a two-time MuleSoft Partner of the Year, offers thought leadership and best-in-class delivery at the intersection of modern software development and enterprise integration with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.
AVIO’s delivery capabilities include MuleSoft (Consulting & Delivery, Managed Services, Accelerated Success, Expert on Demand, Architectural Assessment, and Observability Package), RPA, and Custom Software Development. AVIO also deploys tools, connectors, and accelerators for our clients at no additional cost.

A Versatile Solution for All Sectors

Manufacturing, retail, and service-based industries alike can all reap the benefits of AVIO’s Expert on Demand solution.

AVIO has worked with organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses making a big impact. Our certified experts work to tailor solutions to your industry and your specific IT needs.

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Full Visibility into Your MuleSoft Applications and Key Metrics with AIVO's Observability Package

Would you drive a car blindfolded? Of course not. So, why be in the dark on your Mule application’s performance and behavior? 

AVIO’s Observability Package for MuleSoft makes it easy to evaluate and take action on your logs, key metrics, and health stats. By utilizing OpenTelemetry traces, AVIO enables you to see complete end-to-end traces of all your MuleSoft applications.


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Mistakes are costly in the long run. Keep your digital strategy on track with AVIO’s 100% certified team of MuleSoft experts at your side, giving you the expertise you need at every stage of your digital evolution.