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AVIO’s MuleSoft Health Check is an offering designed to ensure MuleSoft Anypoint initiatives are structured for success. AVIO focuses on identifying optimization opportunities that will improve the maintainability and performance of Anypoint based applications by benchmarking against AVIO’s environment, design, and development best practices. AVIO can utilize automated code evaluation tools to accelerate the evaluation and review process.

Key objectives of the two-week engagement include:

  • Review of Existing Client Best Practices and Alignment with AVIO's Approach
    • Infrastructure
    • Development
    • Deployment
  • Identify Opportunities to Leverage MuleSoft to Maximize Investment
  • Structure Team for Future Success
    • Methodology Review
    • Testing Review
    • Communication Plans 
  • Creation of a Prioritized Plan to Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency your Codebase

You Should Consider a Health Check If...


You struggle with underperforming or non-performant code

Your business requirements and use cases have changed significantly since your implementation

You’re concerned about the security of your APIs

You’re concerned that your infrastructure needs are not being met with your current environment

Your MuleSoft practice lacks consistency across developers or business units

You’re not re-using APIs but you want to

What's in a Health Check?

A health check has 3 stages: review, testing, and results/recommendations.

Review of MuleSoft Cloudhub Environment Architecture

Including: MuleSoft Runtime and Runtime Manager, API Manager, Role of Proxies, Security, Object Store, Clustering

Review of Non-Functional Requirements

Including: Reliability, Load Balancing, Disaster Recovery

Continuous Integration/Deployment

Including: Source Control Usage, Build and Deploy with Maven, Deployment Process Definition

Detailed MuleSoft Security Review

Including: Securing Console Access/SSO via SAML, Securing API Access Using OAuth2, WS-Security, etc., Mule API Manager's Built-in Client Application/SLA Functionality

Review Current MuleSoft Applications

Including: Functional Overview/Review, RAML Design and Definition, Project Structure and Re-usability, Flow Design, Unit Test 

Review MuleSoft Application Design Standards

Including: Project Naming Standards, Configuration Files, File Naming Conventions, Monitoring and Alerting

Review Common Services and Flows

Including: Logging, Error Handling, Retry Strategies, Email Alerts

Automated Test Strategy

  • MUnit

  • Groovy with MUnit

Findings and Recommendations

  • Recommended Design Changes

  • Environment Configurations

  • CI/CD Recommendations

Download our case study about how a Mulesoft Health Check improved the reliability and scalability of one client’s company-wide data applications.

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In today's highly competitive markets, business models are changing faster than underlying IT infrastructure can keep up. To remain competitive, organizations need to change their operating models and leverage IT as an enabler for change.

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