Start Your Evolution with A MuleSoft Proof of Concept with AVIO

Gather requirements, plan future projects, and outline a roadmap for the digital evolution of your business. A MuleSoft Proof of Concept with AVIO gives you the foundation you need to experience MuleSoft’s transformative power on critical aspects of your business.

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What is a MuleSoft Proof of Concept?

A MuleSoft Proof of Concept with AVIO gives you an inside view of the power of our award-winning MuleSoft practice, applied to specific contexts critical to your business evolution. 

Get a glimpse of your future digital transformation (or evolution) today with our comprehensive Proof of Concept process. Our expert team of MuleSoft Community Ambassadors, MuleSoft Mentors, and Meetup Leaders will show you how with a solid Proof of Concept blueprint that sets the foundation for a successful transformation that produces real business value. 


Explore What's Included in a Proof of Concept

Our development team enables you on key aspects of the MuleSoft platform and showcases both AVIO and MuleSoft's ability to deliver business to value through a specific real-world use case.

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MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform

  • MuleSoft Anypoint Runtime Fabric
  • Anypoint Studio and Designer
  • API manager
  • Anypoint Monitoring
  • Anypoint Visualizer
  • Anypoint Exchange
  • Security

Continuous Integration/Deployment

  • Source control usage

  • Build and deploy with Maven

  • Build and release pipelines


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Analysis and Feedback

  • Recommended approach
  • Benefits of MuleSoft platform
  • Drawbacks/shortcomings

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Business Requirements

  • Existing needs
  • Future roadmap
  • Critical factors to consider


Security and Architecture

  • MuleSoft security features
  • Securing API access using OAuth2, WS-Security, etc.
  • Mule API Manager’s built-in client application/SLA functionality
  • On prem vs hybrid vs Cloudhub

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Real-World Use Cases

  • Functional overview/review
  • RAML design and definition
  • Project structure and reusability
  • Flow design
  • Unit testing

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Automated Test Strategy Options

  • MUnit

  • Groovy with MUnit


How AVIO Implements a MuleSoft Proof of Concept

AVIO’s POC process is a four-stage comprehensive engagement that includes:

Discovery and Homework

Stage one begins with our comprehensive planning process. Before executing a MuleSoft POC, AVIO’s team will meet with you to define the parameters of the POC, work with you to identify a use case, set goals, and identify the key personnel that will be involved.


Following the requisite completion of work from the previous stage, the POC kickoff begins with an API workshop in collaboration with MuleSoft.

Implementation Phase

This stage comprises hands-on development to validate your technical use case, several workshops on the platform, and strategic meetings targeted at defining specific benefits, business case justifications, and an implementation roadmap.

Executive Readout

Following the completion of the implementation phase, AVIO will develop an Executive Readout presentation that recaps the development milestones achieved during the project, a summary of APIs delivered, and a roadmap that will take your evolution forward.



A Versatile Solution for All Sectors

A MuleSoft Proof of Concept with AVIO is ideal for businesses that recognize the benefits of the MuleSoft platform and want to increase their understanding through hands-on experience. 

Other attributes that make an organization a good fit include businesses that require validation of MuleSoft’s technical capabilities within their specific IT context, and those that require a thorough evaluation or assessment prior to making a long-term commitment.

AVIO’s experts will provide recommendations throughout the process based on their wide range of technical experience across top-tier companies in multiple industries across North America and beyond.

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Oil and Gas

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Banking and Finance

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Human Resources

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Professional Services

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Start Your Evolution on a Rock-Solid Foundation

AVIO shows you how with a tested blueprint that gives you the critical information you need to plan projects and outline roadmaps for a successful MuleSoft implementation.


"Within 2 months of launching the integration, Nextep has already processed more than half a million real-time transactions without disrupting any business processes."

BILLY MILLER- Director of Technology | NEXTEP

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Get it Right, the First Time with AVIO’s MuleSoft Proof of Concept

A MuleSoft Proof of Concept with AVIO gives you the opportunity to see MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform applied to critical business initiatives that produce real business value.

AVIO’s award-winning team of certified MuleSoft professionals provides the expert consultation required to ensure your implementation accelerates your evolution.