Start Your Evolution with AVIO’s Retail Digital Transformation Ebook

Get an overview of how technology disrupts retail business models. 

Learn key concepts and how to apply them to your enterprise.

Discover how digital evolution benefits leading businesses. 

AVIO’s Retail Digital Transformation Ebook is the definitive retail strategy guide that summarizes what you need to know in an easily-accessible PDF.

What’s Included:

AVIO’s Retail Digital Transformation Ebook gives you a comprehensive overview by summarizing the following areas:

  • What is Industry 4.0? 
  • How Industry 4.0 disrupts retail
  • Components of digital transformation specific to retail enterprises
  • How to apply Internet of Things (IoT) technology to supply chain management 
  • How technology enables omnichannel experiences, improves customer service, and increases customer engagement
  • Applications of augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning that enhance the shopping experience
  • Trade promotion management software solutions
  • Master data management  solutions and how they  solve many retail challenges

Start the evolution process today by learning key concepts. AVIO’s Retail Digital Transformation Ebook is an essential resource you can refer to as you move through the evolution process.

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A Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation
for the Retail Industry

Learn the critical concepts of a digital transformation strategy: evolving technologies, trends in retail, applications of real-time data, and more.

Get to the root of digital challenges that stagnate growth. 

Discover technical solutions that address those challenges, improve the customer experience, and provide a solid long-term return on your investment.

AVIO’s Retail Digital Transformation Ebook is the definitive resource for retail business leaders that want a comprehensive understanding of the evolving retail landscape.


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Set the Foundation for a Successful Evolution

AVIO’s Retail Digital Transformation Ebook brings clarity to digital transformation through valuable technological insights focused on the retail sector.

Start your evolution today. Learn how digital transformation shapes the industry and how you can leverage technological innovation to stay competitive.