RTF Appliance Migration

A structured, rapid approach to efficiently migrate from MuleSoft RTF Appliance to a cloud provider managed Kubernetes platform.

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Streamline Your RTF Appliance Migration with AVIO, a Trusted MuleSoft Alliances Partner

As an approved and recommended partner by the MuleSoft Alliances team, AVIO provides customers with expert assistance in their RTF Appliance migration. With the product entering end-of-life stage and standard support ending in August 2023, it is essential for customers to proactively migrate their APIs to a supported version before the end of 2023 to minimize potential black out periods.

AVIO's Approach

A targeted offering that provides hands-on enablement in migrating applications from RTF appliance to RTF on self managed Kubernetes.

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6 Weeks*


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Support for AKS / EKS / GKE ** 
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Expert Guidance & Enablement 

*Typical engagement duration. May vary based on migration complexity

** Excludes Openshift and other Kubernetes platforms

AVIO's Value Add

Arch Assessment

AVIO’s MuleSoft Managed Services are a comprehensive suite of services that provide total management of your MuleSoft environment.

  • Baseline Terraform projects for each cloud provider to be customized to the customer
  • Automated scripts for RTF installation and configuration
  • Environment validation through production
  • Cloud cost estimates for each provider based on features required
  • Optional application migration support in production
  • Optional consolidation of pre-production environments into a single Kubernetes cluster

Estimated Timeline

Engagement duration may vary depending on # of MuleSoft environments and RTF clusters, # of MuleSoft applications, Internal process timelines, subject matter expert availability. 

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Getting Started

We understand that migrating MuleSoft’s Anypoint RTF Appliance to self managed Kuberentes can be a daunting task, which is why AVIO is here to help. We are both approved and recommended by the MuleSoft Alliances team to provide customers with expert assistance with their RTF Appliance migration.

In order to get started as quickly as possible, we’ll need visibility to the following: 

  1. Inventory of MuleSoft environments, clusters, and applications to be migrated
  2. Environment architecture documentation
  3. Alignment of stakeholders and team members

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