Our deep expertise and broad experience make you leaner and more productive.

Responsiveness and innovation require all hands on deck. We are the experienced, expert partner you need for complete managed services. We administer, support, and maintain your environment and deployed solutions, freeing your greatest asset—your people—to focus on innovation for your customers and further your business objectives. Our proactive, preventative approach minimizes costly mishaps and downtime, saving you money and delivering increased performance. Your operation expenses are more predictable and your money more wisely spent.

Our Modern SDLC Practices make you more agile, efficient, and responsive

We are savvy, experienced early adopters of modern software development lifecycle practices. We use DevOps methodologies to ensure that development dovetails elegantly with operations. We use Maven and Jenkins to deliver continuous integration and delivery and ensure version control with Git. The result for you is shorter development cycles, smoother operations, and enhanced dynamic capability. Our modern approach provides a back-end environment capable of turning on a dime to accommodate new strategic initiatives and operational transformations.


AVIO Managed Services deliver agile, expert IT management—the foundation of a robust digital enterprise and the reliable engine of innovative, disruptive customer pursuit on the high seas of digital-age change.

Oracle On-Premises

We provide implementation, solutions delivery, and comprehensive management of the environments themselves, as well your resident solutions.  

  • WebLogic Server
  • SOA Suite
  • BPM Suite

Oracle Cloud Services

We provide implementation, solutions delivery, and comprehensive management (where necessary) of both your environment and your resident solutions

  • Process Cloud Service (PCS)
  • Integration Cloud Service (ICS)
  • SOA Cloud Service
  • Integration as a Service (IaaS)
  • Java Cloud Service
MuleSoft Anypoint

MuleSoft Application Reporting and Monitoring Service ("ARMS")

AVIO Consulting has developed Application Reporting and Monitoring Service (“ARMS”) as a managed service to work in conjunction with MuleSoft Cloudhub based implementations. The managed service offering works in conjunction with MuleSoft's management of the Cloudhub infrastructure to enable our customers to focus on delivering new APIs and integrations that drive business value instead of focusing on the tasks required to ensure development and production systems are operating efficiently.

Utilizing a peered connection to each client’s MuleSoft Cloudhub environment, AVIO can rapidly deploy monitoring capabilities using customized Docker images and Amazon Elastic Container Service, along with client-specific health check and alert configurations. This allows AVIO to rapidly provision the ARMS service and also provide updates and new features to each client with minimal downtime.  

Amazon Web Services

We provide implementation, solutions and API delivery, and management of your AWS environment, your APIs, and your solutions. We help you unlock the power of API-led development to create a composable enterprise, reveal new business opportunities, and turn your data into revenue.


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Reduce Risk


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