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This shows how to dynamically assign tasks to an individual user, or to an application role, or to an LDAP group depending on the human task's incoming data.

AWS has certainly been a buzzword in software development recently. However, the term is so broadly used that often creates more confusion. Is AWS only a new way to host applications? Will an application be developed locally, as it is traditionally done, then get deployed on Amazon’s infrastructure? If so, then what’s the big fuzz?

This is the third in a series of 5 blogs that shows how to expose a database to an Oracle BPM 12c Process using the Oracle SOA Database Adapter.  In this blog, the Database Adapter's Outbound connection pool created in part 2 of this series is configured to include the data source's JNDI name created in part 1 of this series.

Some companies create database schemas that are either prefixed or suffixed with the environment name. This can cause a problem when using the Oracle Database Adapter to execute a stored procedure. When adding a database adapter to a project, one must specify the schema in which the stored procedure was created. Even if <Default Schema> is selected, the schema JDeveloper is connected to the database with will be specified in JCA file that is created.


If you have struggled getting the demo community users loaded for Oracle SOA Suite and BPM in 12c, you are not alone. Quite a bit has changed with Oracle’s demo community seed application we’ve been using for years.  The purpose of this is to help you get the demo users seeded for your installation.

Oracle ESS (Enterprise Scheduling Service) is a nice feature that's standard in Oracle SOA Suite 12c that alleviates the need to use Quartz or external software to run scheduled jobs (including invocations of services). Continuous Deployment can deliver many benefits but in order to get there, environment changes need to be automated as much as possible. AVIO has developed a Maven plugin that helps close the gap.

AVIO Consulting, the most respected name for Oracle BPM training, is offering a way to leverage your end of year training budget to gain valuable BPM skills.

Through December 31, 2016, purchase AVIO Academy credits good for any AVIO Academy course and receive 20% off. Credits may be purchased this year and used until November 2017. AVIO Academy has a number of courses to help organizations ensure their resources are fully up to speed on the best practices, usage, and features of Oracle BPM.

The courses this discount can be applied to are:

When was the last time you looked for a Lessons Learned document concerning a project your organization completed last year? Yesterday? Yeah, right! Most companies doing software development perform formalized evaluations of their project performance however few have adopted an approach that ensures they will truly benefit from the value of their own experience. 1

Survival in today’s fluid business climate requires agility. The ability to respond to change quickly and strategically is a hallmark of effective digital enterprise.

This is an extract from AVIO's new Oracle BPM 12c Developer Training and it explains how to show instance titles that are meaningful to the business in the Oracle BPM Workspace's Process Tracking tab for Oracle BPM and 12c. 

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