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Continuous Deployment by adding a 'development workflow' for B2B.
The Chef tool proved to be easy to install, configure and run.  Between Chef and MyST it provides full automation all of the tasks associated with Fusion Middleware provisioning.

I have the privilege of speaking with industry professionals from various market spaces and disciplines.  Some of these individuals are more familiar with Agile than others.  Occasionally, I’ll encounter one who applies Agile in a way that ostensibly makes sense.  However, after chewing on the requirements and corresponding user stories a bit, it becomes clear one or more user stories (and the subsequent work to maintain them) is unnecessary.  

The new Oracle BPM 12c SKIP / BACK feature has some interesting facets that are not commonly known. This describes what it can be used for as well as three cautions to be aware of when using it.
Something we typically have to learn on our own is how to (1) auto-generate an ADF form and project from an Oracle BPM project and (2) how to reuse the ADF project when subsequently generating more ADF forms.
Everyone getting started with Oracle BPM struggles getting the link for a process's Initiator task to appear in the Workspace's Applications tab. This covers the six most common reasons this occurs and instructions on how each is resolved.
Most customers struggle with the question of where to store in their work item instance information early on their first Oracle BPM project. While I'm a fan of keeping things simple, storing everything in the process's payload will quickly impact your project's success.

As a business analyst, I am tasked with a great many responsibilities.  Among them, grasping the client’s vision, writing cogent requirements, fleshing out additional details to prevent project bottlenecks, and performing functional tests of completed code.  If you’re familiar with the IT industry, then you know what’s described above is consistent with the BA job description (and therefore an understatement).  I might be content to simply fulfill the aforementioned tasks secure in the knowledge that I am meeting baseline expectations.

Oracle BPM 12c now makes it easier to import Visio process models.

Natty Gur— Vice President and CIO of The Friedkin Companies, as well as an accomplished photographer, and blogger —managed his department through concurrent “insourcing” of its IT services and migration to the cloud. Faced with fundamental, dramatic market changes, the automotive conglomerate sought to increase organizational agility by self-managing their own cloud-based infrastructure.

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