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An automated way to provision, configure, and register new API gateway nodes, running on Amazon EC2 into the Oracle API Platform using Terraform and Ansible.
5 Things I Learned at Oracle Open World 2018 on topics such as Citizen Developer Self-Service Integration, CI/CD for Oracle Fn Project, DevOps in the Cloud with Oracle Developer Cloud Service, Future of the Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud Best Practices.
Best practices for interfacing Java to external systems through Oracle BPEL components.
The use of a SQL script to create the test data and to run the test and record the results in a custom unit test table.

While mastering the nuances of Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS), I was pushing along through a transformation mapping from a fairly complex source to an equally complex target.  Requirements slowly spiraled from 'simple' mappings to 'can-i-even-do-that' mappings.  ICS provides a decent graphical interface for creating transformations (once you get familiar with it).  It allows for an easy way to map from source to target, as long as you don't need to do anything complicated.

AVIO Releases an ICS Maven Plugin

Released today, the AVIO ICS Maven plugin has been released to Maven Central.

Oracle ICS (Integration Cloud Service) is a cloud platform with a web-based interface used to quickly build integrations between cloud and on-premise applications.

AVIO ICS Maven Plugin

I began getting my feet wet (shameless self-advertising) and took in the whole ICS experience.

It has been a fun adventure working in ICS, mastering the art of deactivating, editing, fixing, saving, activating, and finally testing... only to curse at a simple forgotten step and repeat the process again.  Some tasks that used to be simple became harder, some tasks that were complicated and confusing became simpler.

Testing my integration on Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS)
There is an issue adding link fields to PCS 17.2.3 forms using the new web form design tool. At runtime, the value stored in the link's data element is lost once the form is submitted. This describes the problem and provides a fairly simple workaround.
This is the 5th of a 5 part series that explains how to expose a database to an Oracle BPM 12c Process using the Oracle SOA Database Adapter and a Mediator. In this, the Composite with the Database Adapter created in part 4 is invoked by the Oracle BPM process using a Service activity.
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