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Guide to the set up of Okta as the OpenID Connect (OIDC) Identity provider for MuleSoft Anypoint organizations to use its OAuth 2.0 authorization server and access management capabilities to secure their APIs.
5 Things I Learned at Oracle Open World 2018 on topics such as Citizen Developer Self-Service Integration, CI/CD for Oracle Fn Project, DevOps in the Cloud with Oracle Developer Cloud Service, Future of the Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud Best Practices.
How to integrate salesforce using MuleSoft for outbound and inbound requests.

If you’ve ever had difficulty prioritizing testing activities, you’re not alone. Iterative frameworks like Agile mean testing is performed in miniature cycles that add up to what eventually becomes a product release. Unfortunately, though, testers don’t necessarily get to choose which tickets developers complete first. One test release may have several JIRA tickets the client considers high priority while another might have none.

The Problem

I've downloaded the latest Anypoint Studio(Version 7.1.2) to use on Ubuntu(18.04) and I wasn't able to view pop up dialog windows, for example, when clicking the Exchange button. This blocked me because of the several pop up dialogs you need to configure single components.

Anypoint Studio Exchange Button

3 attributes of TestRail that really standout: Test case organization and orchestration, JIRA Integration, and reporting.
Avoiding agile's wrath when new requirements come up while a sprint is in progress.
Padawan to Master(ish)[?] | 3 Ways That Becoming a Software QA Tester Has Changed Me
The BPMN complex gateway's functionality can be duplicated in Oracle PCS using a multi-instance subprocess modeling pattern. 
Instead of using the default process swimlane Application Roles to assign a task to people, the Oracle Integration Cloud's Process Cloud Service (PCS) processes can be made more flexible and reusable when a User task in a process is set to be performed by different people dynamically. 
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