AngularJS is a modern, structural framework for dynamic web applications which simplifies development while increasing the testability of the solution.  AVIO Consulting can help organizations quickly develop solutions using AngularJS including business process forms,  API client applications, and fully custom application solutions.  With AngularJS a modern, responsive and testable solution can quickly be provided and integrated with existing services and APIs.

Solution Architecture - Modern web applications have many requirements such as security, authorization, and service integration that must be considered when being designed.  AVIO Consulting can help you define a solution architecture for your AngularJS applications that takes into account these many different requirements.  

Implementation and Delivery - AVIO Consulting's team of AngularJS architectures and developers have significant experience in delivery modern web applications to replace legacy applications and meet new business demands.  Our agile, iterative methodology will help reduce risk, accelerate delivery and adapt to business changing needs throughout the life cycle of each project.  Our team has many years of experience integration with enterprise systems including security, services and APIs.