Organizations are rapidly changing and improving how they create, deploy, and manage their custom applications. As a direct result of customers expecting new features and functionality to be released in shorter and shorter cycles, organizations need to change how they create and deploy applications to ensure they are pushed out without any impact on performance, stability, or usability. As additional demands are placed on IT by the business for cloud solutions, data analytics, mobile applications, and process digitization, an IT delivery gap begins to grow. Organizations can either scale by adding additional developers and the associated costs and overhead associated with more resources or become more productive and agile.

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By utilizing AVIO Consulting's scrum-based development methodology and recommended continuous integration strategies, our client's are able to keep up with their end user demands while reducing the risk of a production issue that can be seen in typical deployment cycles. By incorporating automated testing, automated build, and agile development practices, modern IT departments are able to better keep up with the increasingly complex and changing needs of the business.



We believe continuous deployment and continuous integration is critical. We can incorporate our best practices to reduce your project risk and increase your delivery capability.



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Our Docker expertise can help you to have a more consistent and shorter delivery lifecycle by minimizing the infrastructure setup and configuration needs for a project.




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We are fanatically dedicated to knowing you, because the more deeply we understand you, the more concrete and the more accurate our common goal of your digital success becomes. Once we both clearly see where you're going, we work together to settle you into your digital niche and identify strategies for adapting you to it most advantageously. And for seamless continuity from strategy to execution, our strategic helping hand becomes a technical helping hand.

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