At AVIO Consulting, we understand the challenges that come with the need to have an integrated and frictionless consumer experience. That is why we utilize the best technologies on the market to create highly scalable and flexible architectures. Since our earliest days, AVIO has focused on service orchestration to create powerful, result oriented solutions.

Data is everywhere: in the cloud through the utilization of software as a service to legacy packaged applications to custom built applications on premise. And as more systems and devices become connected, the amount of data is going to exponentially increase. However, no matter where data lives or how quickly it is created, seamless integration of an organization's data is critical to enabling a flexible, responsive organization. Integration not only plays a part in modernizing existing IT assets, but creates the foundation for a single, unified digital customer experience. 

Quote background

"The most fundamental technology need for digital transformation is a digital platform of integrated data and processes." 

Source: MIT Sloan Management: 

 Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for Billion Dollar Organizations