AVIO Consulting provides a number of services to help organizations leverage Jenkins to implement a Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery process. Continuous Delivery can help you reduce risk, improve time to market and provide higher quality software and Jenkins can provide a way to implement and execute your continuous delivery pipelines. Let AVIO show you how you can leverage Jenkins to implement a Continuous Delivery process for your Oracle Fusion Middleware, MuleSoft, or custom applications development.

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Continuous Delivery Process

Before implementing the technical portion of your continuous delivery pipeline you must first understand what your current release process is.  Our team can review your existing release process and provide a road map of how you can move to a continuous delivery model and what your new delivery pipeline should be.  We will consider your specific requirements and processes while adapting reference processes to your organization.   

AVIO Consulting's team can help you design and implement your Jenkins infrastructure as well as implement your continuous delivery pipelines.  We can help make the transition to the continuous delivery model as smooth as possible for your existing and future project teams.

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We are fanatically dedicated to knowing you, because the more deeply we understand you, the more concrete and the more accurate our common goal of your digital success becomes. Once we both clearly see where you're going, we work together to settle you into your digital niche and identify strategies for adapting you to it most advantageously. And for seamless continuity from strategy to execution, our strategic helping hand becomes a technical helping hand.

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