As the digital market continues to decentralize the IT role, line of business owners and other non-IT professionals are developing their own digital answers to their unique business problems. While middleware expedites this type of development to an extent, it still entails operational aspects like configuration, deployment, and monitoring, which typically require IT. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the next step. With PaaS, businesses now can now have access to the all the features and usability of a development platform without having to manage any of the backend infrastructure--because it's now hosted and maintained in the cloud. 

The advantages of PaaS are obvious: the IT cord has now been cut. Internal development teams can now develop and implement their own applications without operational support. The result is greater flexibility, greater agility, and an organization more prepared to respond quickly and appropriately to the next round of change. With our PaaS technologies, AVIO can help you respond by unleashing your digital creativity.

Platform as a Service

"If your developers are spending time thinking about individual machines, you’re operating at too low-level of an abstraction. You want to operate at the level of applications.”

– Greg DeMichillie, Google