March 27 2018

AVIO Releases an ICS Maven Plugin

Released today, the AVIO ICS Maven plugin has been released to Maven Central.

Oracle ICS (Integration Cloud Service) is a cloud platform with a web-based interface used to quickly build integrations between cloud and on-premise applications.

The ICS Maven plugin helps make the software development lifecycle simpler by scripting exports, imports, activation and more, allowing developers to easily store their code in source control, and automate the promotion to other cloud environments.

Check out for more details.

Source code in GitHub at:

To use in your pom, just add the packaging type, and plugin details (See README) :


. . .


Happy Cloud Developing!

About the Author

Kevin King

Kevin has over 12 years experience in enterprise scale implementations. Kevin is very experienced in architecting, modeling and developing solutions across many systems, internal and external.  These systems include ICS, DBCS, Weblogic domains, databases, EBS (cloud and on-prem), Java Web Services, SAP, and numerous Java APIs. Kevin is a hard-working, efficient technical resource, with excellent communication and planning skills.

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