Full Visibility into Your MuleSoft Applications and Key Metrics

Would you drive a car blindfolded? Of course not. So, why be in the dark on your Mule application’s performance and behavior?  

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What is Observability?

Observability is the ability to understand and measure the current state of a system based on the data it generates, such as logs, synthetic monitoring, metrics, and distributed traces.

AVIO’s Observability Package for MuleSoft makes it easy to evaluate and take action on your logs, key metrics, and health stats. By utilizing OpenTelemetry traces, AVIO enables you to see complete end-to-end traces of all your MuleSoft applications.

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What's Included in AVIO's Observability Package? 

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Structured logs
Log aggregation
Custom reporting
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Open standards - OpenTelemetry
Distributed trace in and outside of MuleSoft
End-to-end performance visibility
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Synthetic Monitoring
Service uptime and certificate monitoring


  • Timely identification of errors enables faster root cause identification and resolution
  • Aggregated metrics and traces eliminate tedious, manual debugging and troubleshooting
  • Consistent, unified approach for instrumentation across disparate systems
  • Identify performance improvements and ensure efficient cloud platform utilization
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Start Your Evolution on a Solid Foundation

AVIO’s catalyst-aligned approach to MuleSoft integration leverages technological, business, and people processes that maximize success. By utilizing our Observability Package, you can be sure that best practices are built into your Mule applications to set a rock-solid foundation for a successful evolution.

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A Successful Digital Evolution Requires a Solid Foundation

Get it right, the first time. AVIO provides that foundation with expert guidance that ensures your platform integration and API development is structured to give you a competitive advantage, maximized ROI, and a superior customer experience.