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Some companies create database schemas that are either prefixed or suffixed with the environment name. This can cause a problem when using the Oracle Database Adapter to execute a stored procedure. When adding a database adapter to a project, one must specify the schema in which the stored procedure was created. Even if <Default Schema> is selected, the schema JDeveloper is connected to the database with will be specified in JCA file that is created.


Oracle BAM dashboards and user objects can be quite powerful. All of the sophisticated dashboards and user objects in the world are not as useful though if migrating them from a test to a production environment is a tedious, error-prone process. Oracle provides a utility to import/export BAM information and AVIO has a Maven plugin that aids in calling that import/export utility using baselined BAM information in source control. This helps make Continuous Deployment possible by adding a "development workflow" to Oracle BAM.

Oracle ESS (Enterprise Scheduling Service) is a nice feature that's standard in Oracle SOA Suite 12c that alleviates the need to use Quartz or external software to run scheduled jobs (including invocations of services). Continuous Deployment can deliver many benefits but in order to get there, environment changes need to be automated as much as possible. AVIO has developed a Maven plugin that helps close the gap.

Continuous Deployment by adding a 'development workflow' for B2B.

Business Process Management (BPM) is an important part of many organizations. Many experts agree that BPM is not only important for business operations, it is a necessary component for handling change. There can be changes in assignments, changes in back-end systems and changes in workflow are just some examples. However when changes occur, it has been up to IT to implement and up to the business managers to manage the fallout. We all know change is painful, and the more we can place change control in the hands of the business managers, the better the organization can manage change.

Oracle SOA Database Adapters provide a polling mechanism that will periodically query a table to see if a there is a new or changed record.  If so, it can trigger a BPEL process.  This is enormously useful.  However, on one client I ran into a series of issues with database pollers in a clustered environment when they … collided.  (queue dramatic music)

Invoking Oracle ACM from a web service call is not difficult but unfortunately is also not well documented.  I know … you’re shocked. 

To explain this as simply as possible, let’s use a Loan Origination process as a prototypical ACM example to review the high-level steps.

In this 11g process example, we’re invoking ACM from a CRM system via a web service call.  The web service will invoke a BPEL process which does the following:

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One of the most confusing things about the Oracle BPM Workspace is the effect of claiming work items.

A digital transformation initiative can revolutionize the way your organization works, allowing employees to boost their productivity. Moving your organization into the digital realm also allows you to keep up with the latest trends in your industry, helping you to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. However, digital transformation initiatives can also pose some challenges, as employees must adapt to new ways of working and the company culture must evolve to meet the demands of the new digital age.

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