Case Study

Rearchitecting a 3PL Process for Efficiency and Scalability

Customer Overview
Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are facing great challenges as e-commerce pushes legacy systems and technologies to the brink. Faced with increasing customer demand and supply chain pressures, 3PL providers are not only needing to accelerate their processes but also more seamlessly integrate with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) without refactoring their entire codebase.

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A Sneak Peak in the Case Study

This client was able to re-use their entire API-led application network and simply develop one new system API instead of rearchitecting and redeveloping the entire system from scratch for each new warehouse. This made scaling occur more rapidly by creating a new system API to interact with the existing orders process API.  AVIO helped its client add additional warehouses to their application network in two to three days instead of two to three weeks, which dramatically improved their processes, reduced technical debt, and increased order fulfillment capacity.