Case Study

The Business Value of Transitioning from Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) to MuleSoft

Customer Overview
Discover the challenges faced by a customer considering a transition from Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) to MuleSoft, as well as the solution proposed by AVIO Consulting. The challenges include frequent integration failures, reactive processes, manual data manipulation, and inefficiencies in reporting and reconciliation.

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A Sneak Peak in the Case Study

AVIO Consulting's solution focuses on improving system stability, enhancing productivity, and inspiring teams through the adoption of MuleSoft. The benefits of transitioning to MuleSoft include reduced failures, advanced monitoring capabilities, automated reconciliation, improved documentation, and increased scalability. The migration results in improved productivity for the IT and Finance teams, streamlined integration architecture, and easier management and maintenance. Overall, the transition promises increased productivity, scalability, automation, and supportability.