Is your organization up to speed with microservices? Many people like to think their organizations are getting there, but in case you aren’t here’s some key points on why you should be. Abel Tong, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Ciena, argues that developers need to move away from the old, monolithic approach and start breaking down large applications into smaller ones. Tong highlights this concept in his post on, Getting Up to Speed on Microservices, as he discusses the importance of microservices to an organization.

Microservices address these challenges by providing a more streamlined development methodology made popular in cloud services, and specifically designed to make applications easier to enhance, maintain and scale as needed. A microservices architecture is crucial for any organizations seeking greater agility to remain competitive.

As microservices grow into the primary way of building applications, it is important to remember the three point that Tong highlights in this article.

1. Microservices can help increase agility, accelerate development, and improve software quality.

2. Software developers must rid themselves of the traditional way of thinking and start breaking down large applications into smaller ones. This way, each individual component can be scaled up, down, or replicated to meet an application’s scalability and reliability requirements.

3. It takes some education and training, but microservices encourage collaboration across an organization’s development and operations team.

If you believe that your organization is not up to speed with microservices, we’d be happy to share how AVIO is leveraging the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to help organizations create their own microservices architecture.