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Adding a Link using the New PCS Web Form Tool

Jun 27, 2017 | Oracle

There is an issue you need to be aware of when adding link fields to Oracle’s Process Cloud Service (PCS) web forms using the new web form design tool.  This blog provides a fairly simple workaround to the problem if you need to include a link on a form today.

Link element placed on a PCS form






At runtime, the problem is that the value stored in the link’s data element is lost once the form is submitted.  This means that the process data object cannot then map or use the element in the process downstream. 

Audit trail detail leaving activity with link on form












Follow these steps to workaround this issue.  In this example, the data element that actually contains the desired URL is called uRL.  First open the form in the web form design tool, and create a new element named uRLCalculated by dragging Link from the Basic Palette tab onto the form. 

Link element added to a form






Instead of using the original uRL element for the field’s data binding, use uRLCalculated as the Value Binding for the field on the form. 

Use urlCalculated for the Value Binding










So that the correct link will displayed to the end user at runtime on the form, set the Label property to Dynamic and set the binding to use the original uRL data element for the field’s Label Binding property.

Set label to Dynamic and use the original uRL element







Under the Value Binding property, click the Computed Value checkbox -> click the Edit button beside it. 

Computed value






Set the Type dropdown to Data Definition -> set the Value to the original uRL data element. 

Computed value using the original uRL Element






Although the value in the new uRLCalculated data element will be lost when the form is submitted, the original uRL element that you really cared about will be carried back into the process data object.