Reflecting On The MuleSoft Dallas API Workshop

MuleSoft’s Dallas API Workshop was an educational and enlightening day dedicated to exploring the value and potential of APIs and harnessing the power of API-led development. Throughout the intervening week, we’ve found ourselves returning again and again to the day’s theme to extract and absorb every last insight. One can hardly overstate what APIs represent for the future of business agility or their centrality to digital transformation.

Maximizing The Value of APIs

McKinsey and Company published an excellent article this month offering solid research-backed suggestions for effectively translating the power of APIs into tangible business value. It advocates a deliberate, strategic approach that focuses on maximizing value at every stage of the API lifecycle— from initiation, through planning, design, and execution, to deployment and monitoring. It’s essential reading, and particularly timely in this post-API-workshop week, brimming with concrete, actionable insights.

Speeding Return of API Investment

Sys-Con Media published a more granular consideration of a possible way to speed ROI in an API-led development environment.  The author identifies coding skills as one barrier to rapid proliferation of APIs. There are many users, he argues, with great ideas but without the coding skills necessary to begin immediately unlocking the value of the many preemptively-developed APIs that are the natural result of API-led development. He suggests as a solution embedding a low-code development platform in the API developer portal and adding an instant-app-creation step to the registration process. He envisions building a templated app into the low code platform with drag and drop components. As he says,


“Now we are talking about UI components that will let you build the customer user experience in front of your eyes using inbuilt WYSIWYG screens. This is powerful since you are not focusing on technology anymore, but business imperatives.”


He makes a compelling and detailed argument for the use of low-code platforms within developer portals to speed return on API investment by facilitating easier and more widespread consumption.

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