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AVIO Consulting Announces Additional Certified Specialists For Oracle Unified BPM Suite 11g

Feb 13, 2012 | News, Press Release

AVIO Consulting Claims Its Place Among The First Certified Specialists
For Oracle Unified BPM Suite 11g

Dallas, Texas, February 08, 2012 – AVIO Consulting, an Oracle Gold partner and leading Business Process Management (BPM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and WebCenter Content consulting firm, announced today that two additional Avio professionals, Dan Atwood and Greg Hughlett, have become among the first Oracle Unified BPM Suite 11g Certified Specialists.

Oracle BPM Suite 11g is an integrated BPM solution that helps cut costs and simplifies BPM with its unified process foundation, user-centric design and social BPM capabilities. 

The Oracle Unified BPM 11g certification is primarily intended for implementation consultants who are using Oracle’s BPM product in the field to address customer opportunities.  The certification targets the roles of process architect and process developer. 

The Oracle Unified BPM Suite Specialist certification recognizes OPN members as OPN Certified Specialists. This certification differentiates OPN members in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise. 

Dan Atwood and Greg Hughlett’s recognition marks AVIO’s fourth certification of Oracle Unified BPM Suite 11g Certified Specialists and illustrates the firm’s continued commitment to staying on top of the latest Oracle certifications and technologies in order to remain the industry’s premier Oracle BPM consulting firm.    

The company began the Oracle Unified BPM 11g training process last year with the announcement of the first two Oracle Unified BPM 11g Certified Specialists in October 2011.  Dan Atwood and Greg Hughlett’s certification validates AVIO’s understanding of Oracle’s certification standards by demonstrating thorough and documented BPM capabilities and core competencies.

“AVIO has long recognized the value of focused study and certification of our core competencies for the Oracle technologies that we support,” Brandon Dean, AVIO Consulting executive vice president, said. “Now, four of our professionals hold the Oracle Unified BPM 11g certification.  Being certified means completion of rigorous course study and showing mastery of Oracle BPM 11g through standardized testing.  We strongly believe that this certification and recognition compliments our practical experience and adds real value to our Oracle clients.”

In 2011, AVIO also launched the industry’s first Oracle BPM Suite 11g training program. The 3-day, online or on-site program is designed to deliver a solid foundation in all Oracle BPM project components to designers, developers, and architects.

“We are proud to have Oracle BPM Suite 11g certified professionals on our team. At Avio, we believe technical education is a never ending process and our technical professionals are eager students,” Brandon Dean, Avio Consulting executive vice president, said. “We’ve worked hard to build our knowledge, experience, and leadership in this market and these certifications show our commitment to remaining the best Oracle BPM consulting partner.”

Contact AVIO Consulting at info@avioconsulting.com to request more information about Avio’s Oracle BPM 11g consulting services or training program. 

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