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AVIO Consulting Joins Oracle Technology Network for Chat About BPM

Aug 25, 2015 | BPM

Recently our own Dan Atwood and Gary Buffington sat down for a chat about BPM’s challenges and changes. The duo joined Bob Rhubart and two other guests for a special four-part Oracle Technology Network ArchBeat Podcast. Dan is an Oracle ACE and AVIO Consulting’s director of training. Gary is AVIO Consulting’s executive vice president.

The podcast features four parts honed in on particular aspects of BPM today.

  1. Biggest BPM challenges
  2. Most useful features of Oracle BPM
  3. A Oracle Process Cloud comparison
  4. Most useful advice for beginners

Part four features some especially useful advice to BPM newbies. One thing we learned is not to get Dan started on payloads. He takes them seriously (and rightfully so).

“I’ve written a number of blog posts on why people tend to have have huge payloads with BPM. The reason why they do is because it’s a tempting and easy way to get started but people don’t realize that it really hurts performance and limits their capability.”

Dan also gives an overview of the controversial relationship between BPEL and BPMN—and highlights how BPMN supports the importance of modeling processes for the business.

“One reason for showing it is, number one, you get the business to model it, so you’re offloading some of the work,” he said. “And number two, the business actually understands it and IT understands it just as well as the business.”

Interested in learning more from Dan? Don’t miss him try to fit more than a decade of BPM learning into a couple minutes in Oracle’s 2-Minute Tech Tip: BPM process patterns using BPMN. Read more of Dan’s thoughts in: